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Pop up RP! Tailfeather. May 9th 7-10 pm EDT

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What: Drop-in, casual RP


Who: Everyone!


When: Tuesday, May 9th, 7-10 pm EDT


Where: Tailfeather, Dravanian Forelands [balmung]



Open world RP? Yes, please!


RP Levelers Linkshell presents

our fifth Pop Up RP!


This is a casual, drop-in RP session and everyone is welcome!


Looking for suggestions for why you would be there?


  • Merchants passing through
  • Hunters of all types
  • Chocobo caretakers
  • Anyone with business with the Vath Adventurer’s Guild
  • Vath
  • Fishers and other gatherers
  • Ishgardians getting away from the snow
  • Rockclimbers
  • Anyone interested in dragons


Hope to see you there!

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