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Sharing some art.

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I'm not the greatest artist, but that won't stop me from doing what I love to do.:thumbsup:


Looks like a good artist to me! :D  that armor looks boss :thumbsup: 8-)



Thank you kindly. 





I'm still currently working on my "Brimstone Knight" Project, but once I'm done, I'll probably ask if anyone wants so art done for free. I miss attempting to draw pictures for people, and the practice is always very welcomed. 


I'm fluent with GIMP, but I mostly use it for a more oil painted style, sometimes water color depending on my mood. Though, I am going to be trying out Paint Tool Sai today, so hopefully that will be another program I know how to use.


If anyone has some tips about Sai, that would be awesome, thank you.

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I wish I could draw half that good...then I could draw me and my friend's characters once they're looks are finalized. From what I understand not all of the hairstyles have been released yet... I'm hoping for some long hair.

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Urg, good grief. Started near 12am, and finished around 4:30pm (CST) My rear end is killing me from sitting in this darn chair.  :P


I also livestreamed a little bit if you are interested in seeing the remaining process: https://new.livestream.com/accounts/1347642/events/2098763





@ Kassandra 


If you could supply me with a description or a picture, I'd be happy to draw your character tomorrow if I get the chance. You can choose which Program you'd like me to use (GIMP or Sai), and whether to livestream it or not.

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@ Kass: :P I may draw your character again. I'm a little unsatisfied with it,  and I know I can do better. 


@ Alothia: Always eager for practice, so have no worries. Asking for art is helping me in the long run as far as custom replication and design. ^_^


@ AeroCura: I was always told lighting and shading were my greatest strength when drawing, my weakness is line art and pencil work. I dislike having to draw with just pencil and paper due to the fact that I feel that a 11 x 7 in paper is too small and makes me feel like I have to scrunch everything down, and prevents me from making finer details. Not to mention it can be a bit difficult without proper lighting and smudge control.


I do enjoy drawing with charcoal though, but again its a major pain without smudge control,  and gets very messy.


If you'd like, I could try and make you a tutorial around how I draw, if it can help you?

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Grr, double post!





Trying out some different ways to draw things out.... still learning... still feel cruddy about it T.T

Just open it in another tab to get a closer look. I believe I made the image 1028 x ? I forgot.


I'm particularly happy with the nose... <.< It's the best nose I've drawn so far.




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