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The Dork Elf Cometh

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So yeah!  New to the game/server/community, not new to roleplay.  Hello!



I was pleasantly surprised to discover just how dorky of an Elezen I could make, so naturally that became my main.  ICly he's a Gridanian Conjurer who really wants to access that excellent Arcanist Guild library, but isn't too sure about the neighborhood.  OOCly I'm keeping it lowkey while I read more lore, since my last stint with the Final Fantasy franchise involved a SNES and boy have things developed since then.

Things look pretty active here, so I'm confident I'll run into a fellow oddball or two! :chocobo:

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Hola! I rolled my character to start as an Elezen- pretty dorky. But I skin changed him into an Au Ra. I'd be happy to do random junk in game and I'm pretty new as well. Find me in game!

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Hello there! Welcome to the RPC and welcome to Balmung! Ermagawd elves are cute and dorky is cute so you must be double cute!


If you give this thread a read, it's a very nice welcome pack for people looking to get stuck in! Links to lore pages, rules, templates for threads and such can be found here! And also a list of our gorgeous moderators who are always there to lend a helping hand~



So Here is our Making connections forum! You use this to place an ad for your character(s), explain what you're looking for, or just browse other peoples threads until something tickles your pickle, so to speak! http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=35


I just want to say once more welcome! if you need any help with anything or a new friend out there in the world of Eorzea, don't hesitate to message! My character is evil, but I like to think i'm fabulous! see you soon!

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Yo, welcome. I also RP a dork when I'm not RPing a douchebag Highlander, and I'd be happy to throw either of them your way (I'm sure the folks I know who RP more intellectually-inclined characters would be on board as well hey Wyda get over here).


Liliro's got you covered on the links front, but if you have any specific lore/community questions, feel free to hit me up whenever.


also ayyyyyy fellow New Englander

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