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A Beary Hello

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Hiya! I am sort of a returning player that played on Goblin before I had to quit for financial issues. But I am back and am now wanting to check out the RP as well! I left at level 50 but I never got to completely explore the game mechanic and area wise, nor got to come to Balmung like I planned. A friend here convinced me to rejoin plus with the expansion coming I wanted to get back in. They directed me here so I'll do some exploring.


That said I am not new to RP but I am mostly new to the FF universe. I'm still learning all the game mechanics and all the goodies with it as I go. I may not get too involved in RP around here until I am more familiarized with everything, but I am definately open to being approached. 


I started RP years ago through AOL, moved on to Furcadia and then to Warcraft TBC on Moon Guard. And more recently on a Warcraft private RP server which is my primary RP nowadays. I am open for any advice or links to lore or things about the server and its RP! Thanks for having me and I am enjoying it so far.

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Good friend of mine, pleasant to talk to outside of the game and more than willing to learn the lore (what little of it there is) that drives our happy little community. I'll be Roleplaying with them but I'd like to see other players both new and old joining us. Don't be shy! 



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