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Hey Everyone

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Hi :D


Well this is third time I'm doing this (thanks to those hack attacks) so I apologize if anyone has already seen this before...


Anyways, I'm a former player of 1.0 and I found FFXIV to have its own unique charm. Unfortunately I didn't get to play it for long before 1.0 closed down but I have big hopes for ARR.


As for RPing, I'm completely green to the whole idea but it seems so interesting. I've read the guide on RPing and have skimmed through the forums a bit here and noticed what a friendly and informative community you have here. I'm not sure what kind of characters I would be making but here's to hoping that some great stories will be made when its time for launch!



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Welcome to the RPC!


If you have any questions or want to give RP a practice run through PMs or some such, don't hesitate in sending me a PM! I'm always up for such!


Hope you enjoy your time here and looking forward to seeing you around the forums and in game come release! :)

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Welcome! I'm semi-green to RP as well (only RP'd in LOTRO, a little in FFXI, and a little in Champions Online.. which was a terrible experience). As a fellow beginner, I can honestly say that this community has been extremely helpful and polite through the whole experience. You won't find a better place to start.

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