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[Faerie] Ordinis Ventus GladIus

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Ordinus Ventus Gladius -The Order of the Wind Sword -  is a small, friendly Free Company originally formed by members of the RPG.net forums (one of the oldest and largest forums dedicated to tabletop role playing on the web,) and, as of May 11, 2017, has opened up to applications for members interested in general role play.  Many of our members are role players of long standing, some of us with experience in not only online, but table top rpgs.  We are a Rank 8 FC, currently (alas) without housing, although this hopefully will change with release of Stormborn.  In addition to roleplaying, we are a casual/leveling content guild, with an emphasis on friendliness, openness, and a welcoming attitude.  We are VERY LGBTQ friendly, and, indeed, abuse of or by members will not be tolerated.  Also, we are affiliated with the Roleplayers Realm linkshell on Faerie (I'm both the LS owner and VGO Guildmaster.)  If you're looking for a FC that encourages RP on Faerie, please consider us.  You certainly could do far worse.


Please, feel free to apply at our website, or contact myself or another member in-game.

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