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Relative newbie to FFXIV!


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Hey everyone!


I happened upon this amazing site through my searchings of new info on FFXIV: ARR. I have always been a huge final fantasy fan, so this find is amazing to me as I'm just recently (past year or so) been getting into the RP scene.


[align=center]--MMORPG background--[/align]

Lets see, started with FFXI, but couldn't get too into it because of my computer at the time. I played it for around 4-5 monthes and loved what I could get out of it. I ended up switching over to WoW after that with some friends.. :frustrated:.. for around 6 years on and off. I was in some top raiding guilds as a captain for a few different classes, but got way burnt out as it felt like a second job. Eventually I just stuck with the PvP in it for casual fun in between other games. I was on Aion for around a year and a half, and then just bounced around in games as they came out. Main games I tried were SW: TOR, GW2 and lately Tera. I tried FFXIV for a few monthes and got an Elezen dragoon to around 35 or so, but my computer couldn;t handle the game.. not to mention it was a bit rough. I'm sure there were others that I can't remember. 


[align=center]--RP experience--[/align]

I only just started getting into the RP scene within the last year or so. I tried some light RP in Aion and GW2. Once I got into Tera, I started delving a bit deeper. Here recently, my guild split and I have been trying to find another, but it has been a bit difficult, especially since most are all over the place with their lore boundaries.


[align=center]--Character ideas/info--[/align]

I am still working on this honestly. Only found the lore wiki on here about a 2 weeks ago and have been brainstorming a bit. I'm leaning towards a male Miqo'te of the Seekers of the Sun.

W'grehn Tia, known by others as Grehn Spyrwilf, is a member of the Wolf Tribe who doesn't really like the tradition of the Seekers. To remove himself from that atmosphere, he has decided to pierce his own path and head to Limsa Lominsa to start his own story and bonds.. which will be interesting as he isn't too great at expressing himself well with strangers.


[align=center]--How did you learn about the coalition?--[/align]

Thankfully, I happened upon it while in search of upcoming news and an RP community for FFXIV: ARR.


[align=center]--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?--[/align]

In the past I have been more of the light to moderate type. But seeinng as how much I love Final Fantasy, I'm hoping to be a bit more moderate to slightly heavy. I do enjoy the nights of sitting around taverns, out in town or the wilds building up our character bonds and histories, but I really love when RP takes a part in the gameplay as well. Nothing beats an epic story battle event to me.


[align=center]--Anything from real life you âre comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)--[/align]

I'm a civilian contractor at a Naval Base. I love taking my motorcycle out for a ride on a nice day. I spend a good deal of time at the gym when not sucked into MMOs. Love surfing. Closet manga nerd.. love the different art styles. All I can think of at the moment. If you care to know more, feel free to ask!


Welps, I think that sums me up a bit. I look forward to playing with and getting to know anyone who will have me! Gods, I'm craving this game hardcore lately haha. Hope to hear from you all!

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Welcome! Another Limsa Lominsa Sun Seeker is always fun.


I highly suggest perusing the wiki. I spend more time reading other people's character wikis and tweaking my own than I do actually talking on the forums. It's a great place to get a feel for the story side of the community. I use it to kind of preemptively decide who my character(s) would get along with and who would take some getting used to.

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Welcome! Glad XIV could tempt you back! Make sure you sign up for the beta if you haven't already~

You know he just hates the traditions cuz he's a tia and can't get the ladies~

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Anyone know if OB is for phase 3 or phase 4??


OB is phase 4, but phase 3 they're trying to integrate PS3 and Legacy characters. Also, for anyone interested that didn't know; New Gridania, Old Gridania, and Character Creation have been removed from the NDA. You can talk about them now but you still can't show screenshots, sound clips, or videos. Didn't know the proper place to post that, so I just kind of said it here.

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Hello there! :D


Welcome to the RPC!


Always nice to see new people! As Abodo said, Open Beta is Phase 4. Currently the beta test has finished Phase 2 and is now awaiting Phase 3, which is apparently coming soon!


Looking forward to seeing you around the forums and in-game come release!

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