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Beach Bash & Dodgeball Tournament

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[align=center]Sable Tree Co.'s[/align]


[align=center]Beach Bash & Dodgeball Tournament[/align]


[align=center]May 24th, 6PM EDT[/align]


[align=center]Sable Tree Co. is proudly hosting a beach bash at Costa del Sol to kick off the Summer right, and you are invited! Join us for an evening of festivities such as drinking, dancing, but most importantly, DODGEBALL.[/align]




OOC Information

Sable Tree Co. Will be hosting a public RP event at Costa del Sol this May 24th, starting from 6PM EDT at Costa del Sol, the area nearest the aetheryte.


At 9PM EDT the Dodgeball tournament will kick off, and all participants and spectators will be asked to head towards the Hidden Falls where the game will begin! Dodgeball teams will be composed of three people to a team, and all entrants should have these teams ready prior to the game beginning.


There will be an upper limit of sixteen teams allowed to participate officially, with one of these teams becoming grand champions.





1) Two teams of three will be present for each match.


2) Three balls will be present. At the start of each match a player is selected by their team to /random which will determine which team volleys first.


3) The throwing team selects their target, and throw! Emote throw at a specified target, then /random


4) The targets attempt to dodge! Use /random. If you roll higher your dodge is successful, and if your roll is 200+ higher than the person who targeted you it results as a catch and the person who targeted you is out.


5 After one team finishes throwing then the next team goes.



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