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Seven Devils - An Experiment

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I am very into the idea of community plot, and I have an idea. So here it is. I'll start with the hook, and move to the details.

(Simple note - Please don't take the hook ICly, at least not yet.)


Seven Devils all around you...



The Seven Devils, and organization of deadly assassins and heretical fanatics. They have a cause, and a plan. They are organized, and numerous. They are moving toward an unknown purpose, and worse, no one knows what they look like. They have to be stopped. They wish to usher in a world darkened by the shadow of Death. They wish to finish what Dalamud started...


Seven Devils in your house...



During the past five years they have inserted themselves and infiltrated. They have put on masks and draped themselves in skins that are not their own, to suit their cause and purpose. They could be anything. A merchant, a beggar, a commander, a soldier, a singer, a chef. Anything. They can be anyone. A lover, a friend, a brother, a sister, a contact, a partner, a stranger. Anyone. They have to be found...



So. That is the hook. The line and sinker come later. They also depend on a bit of help. The idea is to have meta plot with several contributors. Those contributing would run individual plots that hook into the over arching plot. The result? A shared experience that links together across the community. If you are interested in helping to contribute, please drop me a line or place a comment below. I am hesitant to reveal too many details here, as I do not wish to ruin what surprises may be had. I am hoping this works out well, and that more things like this experiment may be implemented for the community in the future.

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Kind of reminds me of the Court of Owls story arc from Batman comics a little bit... And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.


Plus this fits with Abodo Po really well. I could see a way to work this into his nomadic solitude, his former upper-class status, and even some slight paranoia from his really vague vision of a world wrought with terror.


And I'm sure other people could fit it into their own character arcs as well.


I love it. I'm all about it.

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I have been pleased to see interest in the experiment. Having talked to a few people I felt I needed to make a little bit of clarification. Membership in the Seven Devils organization is a bad thing. It casts a character in a particularly sinister and antagonistic role. These are some things to consider before attaching one's PC to them. They are villains, and being one makes one a villain. There is nothing wrong with that at all, and there is certainly room to make a heel to face turn. I just feel a general heads up of "by the way, these are pretty vile and remorseless people" should be made before accepting actual PCs into the mix. 


I'll be responding to interested parties in PM later today, and thank everyone in advance for their interest. There is no cut off for this, so if you want to lend a hand and collaborate just leave a comment below or drop me a line.

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What I meant by Isaac's MO, is he was a member of a group that hunted down baddies and countered dark and vile magicks, but it turned out that the group he was in was mostly Lambs of Dalamud in disguise trying to collect the black magick. So while Isaac would most definitely NOT be a member of the Seven Devils, he could definitely be one of the good guys.


And I've got a couple characters that I don't play as, side characters, that could be a perfect fit into this evil organization.

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On second thought, count Abodo Po out.


But count Uther Skystrider in.


As an outsider with a high respect for chivalry, I could see him making an ideal supporting character for the non-Devils side.


And yeah, it'd have to be non-Devils side because he's pretty much Neutral (former Lawful, sometimes Chaotic) Good all the way around as far as alignment.


Still think it's a great idea. Just switching parts for it.

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