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Ghost Draws (And Commissions??? Sometime?)

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Hi, I like to draw things.

You might have seen my artwork before if you're active on Tumblr, but I thought I should try to be a little more active in the community here on the forums and post my art for other people to see.


I have a difficult time with finishing things, so commissions are open kind of all over the place. I'll make a proper post about that...eventually.


Anyway, here's some of my most recent FFXIV related art.







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Hikari Inamoto, my Halflander who needs to remember her helmet more. (Lost her front tooth by tripping in a tournament fight and falling face-first into the edge of her own shield.)



ow...Not that I'd wish that on Kall, but I kinda wish she entered into tornaments more.


That's very good art, btw!

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