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Wanderer's Rest <Rest> [Faerie Server]

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The Wanderer's Rest

FC House: Wanderer's Rest or The Rest [Mist, Ward 4, Plot 10] 


Here at the Wanderer's Rest we try to keep a relaxed, laidback environment where we help one another out whether it be with daily roulettes, trials, questions about quests, palace of the dead runs and much more.


Our main focus here is to not only lend a hand and have fun with the actual content of the game but also to help establish a place and a home for all within the Faerie RP community. The FC house has been made into a tavern for RPers to use freely - there are plenty of different areas available both in and outside to use to converse with others and meet new people and we run events weekly within the community as a whole to try and facilitate new meetups and connections.


Not all of the members will be RPers but regardless we want to provide a place for people to rest and relax! So please let me know you would like an invite either via my email [email protected] or by my discord username Wolf#6086!


Anyone is welcome to join and we'd love to have new additions, so please, if you're looking for an FC, think about poking one of us!

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Aha. :) I didn't notice that, so that's my fault and I apologize. Just the same, it might be a good idea to avoid the overlap, since if you were to host events which you advertised here on the RPC, I can imagine people getting confused (and likewise, your friends on Faerie might get confused when they see the Wayfarer's events advertised).

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I'd no idea there was another FC like this. I'll be sure to try and make it so that everything is 100% clear about which server this is on from now on but there's some differences between the other FC and ours. I'm still trying to work all of this out ahah, so bear with me!

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