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Looking for an RP FC- willing to switch servers

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Hey all, I'm posting on behalf of myself and my husband. We play on Goblin right now because some friends invited us to join them when we first started, but they ghosted us and hopped ship somewhere else, so we're pursuing what we'd like to do.

We're somewhere between casual and hardcore, but what we really like is chatting with other people and some casual-good roleplay. We participate in most/all content, so we're primarily looking for an FC that allows us to roleplay as well as do PvE content when we'd like to. Mostly, we like gaming with other people, but we really like lore and in-character talk.

Like I mentioned in the title, we're probably going to switch servers. It's my understanding that Mateus is one of the more up-and-coming locations for this sort of thing, but we're open to suggestions from anyone! We can also chat via Discord or anywhere else needed. We're both mid-twenties and have enough time to spare, haha. I'm playing a Keeper of the Moon Mi'qote female, and he's a Xaela Au Ra male.

Thank you for all your help!

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I think we'd be a good fit for you if you're willing to come to Mateus. We're just starting out as an FC (freshly transferred) but we already have a medium house and 5 members. Our goal is to put together a group that does just about everything. Here's our FC directory description:


FC Name: The Aureate Ward


Leader name: Luther Aldric

FC Home: Lavender Beds, Ward 6, Plot 51.

Roleplay focused with PVE/everything

FC Description: A home for refugees, outcasts, political dissidents, half-breeds, the poor, and the abandoned. Join us to find a place to call your own and we'll give you employment in one of our many endeavors to help you make a better life for yourself!


I'm hoping to have our first RP event soonish. Probably early next week. If you're interested, feel free to PM me.

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