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Just starting out [Mateus]

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Hello! I'm never quite sure how to start these but it's nice to meet you! I started playing in 2014, but took a hiatus once my computer broke down. I'm very glad to be back though and very much interested in making some good friends if possible! 



-MMORPG background-

My brother got me into them with Ultima Online, and since then I've always played. Though I sunk most of my time into WOW I also played Ether Saga, Tera, etc. 



-RP experience-

My friends and I used to rp as a hobby through games of D&d or on our own through our wow guild but I've never actually reached out to find an actual community so some things are slightly new to me. 



-Character ideas-

My character at the moment is A'stre Temshi, a slow to open up type but warm once comfortable. I'll likely be making him into more of a supportive type of character later in the game. 



-How did I hear about the coalition-

I was trying to find an unofficial rp server, and in my quest I stumbled upon a reddit post mentioning Mateus and it's small rp community. That eventually led me here.



-level of rp?-

I'm not quite sure what level I'd like to be at, as I'm very interested in the rp aspects of course, but I also very much like combat and story progression so I'm not quite sure if that mixes well, but if a veteran player is willing to give me some tips I'd be very thankful! 


Multi-player aspects are my favorite parts of a game so I'll almost always be on discord so if you'd like to chat feel free to message me! ^^ I hope to get along with you all and hopefully I'm not too awkward. 

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