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Pre-ordering FFXIV to get a PS3/PS4 Theme

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Hey guys I play on PC and don't regularly purchase off the PS Store so I have a question as I want to obtain this Stormblood PS4 theme.


I know I need to pre-order Stormblood but does that mean I need to also order ARR and HW?


How did the theme for Heavensward work?

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...I'm paying $39.99 for the theme. Essentially. >.>


Did you pre-order HW to get it? Cause I preordered the SB and it's giving me a countdown for the early access...?


Although, I do have a HW theme and I certainly do not have ARR or HW on my PS4...

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I just preordered as well. It only gave me the Zenos avatar upon checkout. Looked into it a bit more, and it seems the video I posted was from a preview on the Japanese twitter and the theme hasn't been released yet. We should be able to download it as soon as it is, whenever that will be.

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