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The Great Banjo-Race 2013

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Here we are again.


It is time once again for a competition, much like the Ocarina of Time race that Zesiro and I had a few months back. We learned a few things from our last attempt. Like how beating the entire game in one sitting was a terrible, terrible idea.


So this time around we're doing things a bit differently. For starters, it will probably be broken up into a few pieces. No eight hour stream this time. We also have the added benefit of streaming this race even more "live" than ever before, as Zesiro and I (and Myllor, and Abai) are now roommates. Guest stars!? No, probably not.


So, some time tomorrow we'll be updating this post with links to the stream, and we'll be physically beating the sh* verbally abusing eachother while we desperately race through Banjo-Kazooie in an effort to see who is the better bear. And bird.


While we figure there won't be a terribly large amount of interest in this, we thought we'd still put it out here in case anyone is bored and feels like watching us fail miserably. Maybe we'll even make a drinking game out of it or something.






Zesiro: (Jared) http://www.twitch.tv/jmhcurly

Endemerrin: (Joe) http://www.twitch.tv/endemerrin


Zesiro's stream will have the commentary.

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