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New person not sure where to start.

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So I'm relatively new to MMOs only starting the game a few months ago. Looking into RPing it seems fun and I don't mind creating an alt on the RP servers. I however have a few questions.


Where do I start and how do I get into roleplay?


Like I said I'm new to MMOs in general and looking at everything is kind of intimidating. I don't know which linkshell/FC I should join or where to begin.


I guess the type of character I want to RP as and am looking for in other RP's are goofy characters. I'm not the biggest fan of overtly edgy, dark, brooding, or serious RP's. I'm more looking for players/guilds that enjoy a more lighthearted tone.


Can you guys help give me some advice and tips on where to start as a greenhorn rp'er?


Thank you!

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Hey there, and welcome aboard to the RPC! :thumbsup:


So for starters, you'll want to try and move over to an unofficial RP server- that's really the best option in terms of time and effort for getting quickly connected and putting tire to the road here. Currently, your best choice is for Mateus with Balmung locked down. Now, I don't know about Mateus, but at least here on Balmung, you could visit the Quicksand and either watch people RP or cut your teeth on it in an open, PUG setting.


As far as MMO's themselves go, RP in an MMO setting is an interesting beast as this is a "persistent world." This means that storylines and character development continue around the clock, whether you're offline or not. On one hand, this lends an incredible amount of immersion as a living, breathing world, but can make it hard to keep up if you don't have a lot of time or dedication. 


When it comes to a Free Company or a Linkshell, you can use the RPC tabs at the top there to browse around for what's out there, and filter by what server you're on. This is a great starting point for making connections- and, of course, you can use the actual Making Connections forum here on the RPC to help too! 


Hope this helps- regardless, best of luck!

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My general link for basic RP starter information hails back from my WoW days, so sorry for it having examples of another MMO but Sullivan really did some solid work on this and the core holds true to any other RP game you may go to:


Sullivan's RP Survival Guide

(index is in the top menu)


Personally speaking I let the IC linkshells and IC FC's happen naturally.  Just flow with the character, hit up events, and get a feel for what sort of RP you enjoy and want to do.

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