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My Little Art Corner [Rated: PG-M]

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So, I figure I show off some of my artwork, though for now, Vaelyn is the name of the game and perhaps I'll draw others later on as well as time goes along.

I also hope that no one takes offense to any of my work, as my views on what are offensive don't seem to line up sometimes to what others find offensive, so I'll try and censor out things that could be "Oh no!"

Or place a "Not Work Safe" warning.


Also please feel free to comment. :)

You can find my main gallery here:



Lets get this show on the road!



This is some drawings I did tonight on Open Canvas, did all three of these within an Hour out of sheer boredom. Enjoy!


Click Here: Vae Art Dump 1

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So, its been awhile since I updated this thing, lol.


Doodles all over the place:



Its Vaelyn; Its a Sketch; Its Unfinished; He has no cloths on cause its unfinished; Drawing during a Livestream:


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