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DoH/DoL "artifact armor" revealed

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I hate to use the term artifact armor for this but it was the best thing I could come up with. Basically the official site has been updated with info about the crafting and gathering classes with a picture to show off their armor.




Might not be so interesting for some people but I'm happy to finally see how blacksmith armor looks like. Considering I was curious if I wanted my character to use it IC. And I can safely say, that he will.

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I've known for a long time that I hate the weaver garb. Seeing the whole thing.. I can honestly say that..



I still hate it. -sigh-


I'd probably wear LTW IC.. just not the hat because it's like, Twi'lek looking in the back. And CRP. And BTN and FSH!! HNNGG. And I love the way ALC looks though I couldn't get away with wearing it IC. :D

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Ah, I am in love with the alchemist's clothing! The eye piece is a very nice touch.


While I think the weaver looks very nice, the hat is a little meh to me. The "beanie" portion of the top hat seems excessive in appearance.


You mean the terrible SKULLCAP that the TOPHAT is on?! aksfjdskj!!


Lol. It makes me rage so!


I'm just glad I have the ones I really like at 50 and ICly learned/use these classes so yay! :D

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