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  1. Oh my gosh tiny Ayaka is so adorable! And all of your art is so good. Lol, I'll definitely have to get a commission in the future :thumbsup:
  2. Excitement buzzed through the now much-less-lonely Xaela, only willing to spare a half apologetic wave due to her distraction, as her lashing tail smacked the back of some poor unsuspecting Lalafell as they passed by. "Exactly! Both Au Ra and both Yaya, it would be a slight to both of us if we didn't stick together." Tayang clapped her hands together happily, a happy hum rumbling past her lips. "Not everyone thinks that way you know? Thank you for being you, Ayaka Yatsurugi!" Eyes sparkling with happiness knowing that Ayaka would be so understanding of her friendly advances, Tayang plopped into an empty seat at the recommended table. "Oooh, commendable seating tastes by the way Yaya," she giggled a bit, feeling almost as if she were speaking to herself for a moment. "Sunlight always makes food look and taste better. But I guess moonlight does that too." Another faint growl emitted from her stomach as she glanced over the menu. "I could do what I usually do, and just close my eyes and pick blindly. But, seeing as you're already prepared with recommendations I'll trust you!" Glancing at another patron's table almost made the starving adventurer drool, "As for preferences, if it's edible I'll probably like it! Except honey, I never got a taste for the stuff." She stuck her tongue out and shook her head to properly communicate her feelings for the gooey snack. "And seeing as how I've missed breakfast I think something big is definitely in order! Besides, bigger means I'll have more time to talk to you, right? I know you're working, but be sure to swing by my table a whole lot." Tilting her head slightly she returned Ayaka's earlier wink. The logical part of her brain berated her for saying something so stupid as going for a big meal, especially when she surely had some snacks back at her inn room. If she spent all her gil on food then she'd never become a wealthy adventurer; but the counter argument was that if she had no food at all she'd have no strength to adventure in the first place. It didn't matter either way of course, she was already seated and there was no way Tayang planned to ditch her newest friend over something silly like saving gil.
  3. Hearing the Raen speak caused Tayang's smile to grow. The lovely woman, Ayaka, was a little formal, but definitely very nice, and that was the most important part. "Are you kidding? As soon as I saw you I knew I had to come say hello. It would've been ridiculous of me to just leave," she chuckled, glad that it seemed she wasn't the only one suffering from loneliness in Eorzea. Tayang searched Ayaka's pale eyes for a moment; yup, warm and soft, like a freshly made cookie. As far as the Xaela was concerned, you could always trust a cookie. "And it's funny you mention the food," a blush warmed her cheeks as the excitable lancer's earlier incident popped into her head, "I could smell it a malm away and I definitely can't say no to trying a plate. Especially if it means having a chance to chat with family! Er, I guess practically family anyway." She scratched the back of her head, toothy grin still firmly in place. It was so calming, yet so exciting, being around someone like herself. Perhaps she could equate the feeling to dancing for an audience; comfortingly familiar yet thrillingly new. Tayang remembered what her mother would say, that when someone takes the time to talk to you, it can brighten your whole day, and this was definitely what she meant. Thinking of her mom reminded her... "Wait, did you say Yaya? Amazing! Did you know that's what I was called back home? What a coincidence!" With a hearty laugh she smacked Ayaka on the shoulder, but then, realizing how forward she had been, gave her a sheepish look. "Ah, my apologies, sometimes I get ahead of myself. Um, since I've never actually been to this place before, I trust you know the best seat, so lead the way!" In her mind, Ayaka was already her friend, but Tayang forced herself to remember that this wasn't her lands, nor was she amongst her tribe. Sometimes one had to stay calm, like what her father would say. Don't count your chocobos before they hatch? Or was it, hold your chocobos? He said a lot of things and she supposed not all of them applied all of the time.
  4. It was quite a sight walking up to The Axe and Owl that day. If one came at the right time they'd get a glimpse of an Au Ra peering from behind a tree, using her own hands as spectacles, before popping back behind the protective trunk. Those who'd seen her before that day paid the young woman no mind or offered a friendly wave, and those unfamiliar were too nervous to question her antics. Having spent the better part of the morning searching for the quaint tavern it was actually a bit of a wonder Tayang hung to the outside, straining to get a peak inside whenever someone entered or exited the establishment. But she had reason for her odd behavior; having been tasked to deliver a bundled parcel, and to a bar no less, the young Xaela figured the inhabitants could be anywhere from sleepy grandfathers to hardened criminals, and if they were the latter she wanted to make sure she was ready to defend her package with all she had. Tail lashing back in forth with impatience, nails tapping lightly on the tree she hid behind Tayang waited... and waited... A loud growl rang into her ears and Tayang nearly leapt out of her scales, lance in hand before she could utter a cry of shock. Legs braced and stance solid her eyes scanned the area for the source of the nasty sound, until she realized with a wince and a nervous laugh that the 'terrible sound' had come from her own gut. Clearing her throat she sent a quick prayer to the Dusk Mother that no one had seen her pathetic show, and opted for leaning against the tree she had been previously crouched behind. The delicious smells of the food within wafted from the tavern's door and windows, making the acute hunger in the adventurer's belly only that much more pronounced; she could only imagine what wonderful delicacies awaited her. She figured she had two options: wait some more and be bored, or go inside to find the recipient of the package and hope today's specials weren't priced too high. With a snort she pushed off the tree and headed inside; only a fool would have picked the former, or maybe a more cautious errand runner, but she liked to believe she was neither. Bracing herself as she stepped past the threshold, Tayang was pleasantly surprised there seemed to be no more 'hardened criminals' around than you'd find at the local playground. Scanning the warm room she tried to remember the description of the person she was looking for, when suddenly an alarm sounded in her brain. Another Au Ra! A Raen, but still, something familiar in what was literally a new world. It wasn't as if she hadn't seen others of her race here and there, but usually they were on their way out as she was on her way in and vice versa, or quite simply they were too busy with their own errands to stop and chat. From the woman's clothes it seemed as if she worked here, so it wasn't as if she'd be on her way out. Rushing, Tayang dug into her bag and pulled out her parcel; she had a task to complete and now she had a reason to complete it even faster. "Clod Mora?!" she called, a hand cupped around her mouth, as she waved the package in the air. For a moment her feet left the floor as her hand was emptied, and she glanced up at the rather insulted face of an Elezen, eyes glaring menacingly. With a respectful bow she muttered a quick apology about the terrible pronunciation she was forced to use, waves of relief washing over her as he simply rolled his eyes and sauntered off. Her job completed and the gil in her pocket now rightfully earned she spun on her heel, enthusiasm lighting up her face as she quickly made her way over to the Raen she had spotted earlier. "Hello!" It was truly an effort not to bounce on her toes as she stood before this stranger. "My name is Tayang," with a grin she attempted to sweep her bangs from her face, only for them to fall right back into place. "It's nice to see another Au Ra around here! What's your name?"
  5. Well you can certainly ask some questions here, but you may want to go to the Character Workshop, which is specifically for getting help with your character
  6. Thank you snip Lol, well I mostly meant she seemed way less thought out compared to a lot of other characters, say personality wise (I just redid my main's wiki page and even her history is a bit longer in comparison, if more confusing). But thank you for the encouragement! It's nice seeing other people who don't seem to have come in bursting with experience. I really do appreciate the kind words :love:. For me the biggest step is that approach, considering I'm a giant chicken :chocobo: lol. I used to strategically place my character so I could see other people RP without risk of getting pulled into one myself.
  7. Welcome back! It's a shame when friends move on from a game, but I'm sure you'll make plenty of new ones this time around
  8. It won't be if you're close paying attention haha! Also I really like your character concept Aya. And you both have such awesome art styles
  9. Ha, that's actually really funny ^u^. You have a wonderful character profile by the way, both detail wise and aesthetics wise. Also Ayaka is a beautiful character! I think the hardest part of character creation is how many different beautiful and/or cool looking combinations there are to pick from Lol, I think either would be really fun! And also good practice for me. Thank you for the warm welcome :moogle:
  10. Pretty much as the title says haha. I originally got into FFXIV back before the calamity (1.0?) and as you can see from the left I technically joined the forum back in 2013, but for various (mostly technological reasons) I stopped playing FFXIV a long time ago. I never actually got into the RPing side of things despite picking Balmung specifically for that purpose because I'm very, very shy and nervous over my meager roleplaying history (mentioned below). Now that I have access to a ps4 I'm very excited to get back into FFXIV and hopefully actually do some roleplaying this time around. Also yeah, I didn't immediately think roleplay when I thought to use a ps4 to play, but I've bought a keyboard and I intend to test out mice to see if I can get that set up nicely. --MMORPG background I've played many f2p games, but outside of those I've played Guild Wars and ArcheAge very briefly. --RP experience Exclusively forum roleplay years and years ago. I've never roleplayed in game before and to be honest I'm not 100% on how it would work out :blush:. --Character ideas/info I completely revamped my old characters since I hadn't actually used their old personalities or stories anyway. Now I have 4 what I call 'short-stack' characters: they have personalities so I can jump into a stray roleplay here or there, but they don't have developed stories or anything beyond that and likely never will; they're for fun. I'm still working on my previous main's (Zaeira Sntyrr) new personality and story, but I did work out a story for the Au Ra I just created (to get me back into the swing of things and start over). My Au Ra is Tayang Bayaqud and due to my lack of RP experience I tried to keep her simple. She's just a former tribal Xaela that ended up in Doma just as it was destroyed and fled the Garlean Empire with other refugees, now she's stuck trying to make enough money to become a big shot adventurer so she can return home and find her family. Typing it out like this makes her sound kinda low quality lol, but I do already have a wiki page for her if you want to take a look. --How did you learn about the coalition? Probably a stray post on the original official forums --What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy? Definitely light, maybe light-medium starting out. Eventually I think it would be fun to become a medium-heavy rper, but I'm too inexperienced and shy for that right now. --Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc) I'm a college student living on campus and as such my internet can be... unreliable. Just a warning.
  11. Nightsha

    Hi everyone!

    You're quite welcome. But I'm afraid I don't really know much about any light RP linkshells, but here's a link to the 'Linkshell Hall', and you could sift through it to find something you're looking for. I wouldn't be too worried about "letting people down" by the way. Like I said before, the people here are really nice and would go out of their way to correct, guide, and help you rather than just dismiss you for slip ups or anything. For extra help you can enroll in the mentorship program to get even more help if you'd like it. P.S: I'd suggest joining the Intermission2 linkshell (we might be on 3 soon actually). Even though it's OOC is gives you quick access to many, many RPers in-game, and we have members in communication with Intermission (original).
  12. Nightsha

    Hi everyone!

    Well hello there Cotton! Welcome to the RPC, Final Fantasy, and FFXIV. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask, since we're all quite friendly. There are many other people here pretty new to roleplay (including myself) and perhaps we'll end up RPing together. Also, I like the small font :3 paired with the pikachu avatar I can't help but read it in a super cute voice.
  13. ICly my character will pretty much stick to relatively high level archery, high weaving skills, and basic pugilist and conjurist skills. OOCly I intend to max out all classes on her, but it's not a very big deal for me to max them all out (especially all of the Disciple of the Hand classes). I've always intended to have alts, but mostly for appearance preferences rather than ease of leveling or to separate class preferences.
  14. I don't know exactly what's going on but it's leading to super cuteness! I approve~
  15. It's funny, we all knew how much Yoshi-P put into FFXIV: ARR, but this just shows exactly how much it meant to him. It actually gives me pride to know I'm helping support the efforts of a wonderful and dedicated man and his team. Thank you Yoshi-P, The Dev Team, and everyone else that put their time and effort into this amazing game. (I also really love how the crowd began cheering him on during his emotional speech.)
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