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Hello, I'm new to the game (never having played 1.0), though I do have an alright grasp of Final Fantasy.


MMORPG Experience -

I've played WoW, SWTOR, GW and GW2. As I said, I've never played a FF MMO, though am quite excited to explore this game's world.


RP Experience - 

I created an RP guild with several other people in SWTOR, but only some of us truly attempted to roleplay.

Guild Wars didn't have much ability to RP, so when the GW2 came out I again joined, and then created an RP guild on the unofficial North American RP server. Again, few people attempted to RP, though when I did find people who wanted to it was quite entertaining.

Final Fantasy has always intrigued me, and though I don't know every minute detail about it I do have an arching understanding of the classes, worlds and monsters. 

I am very exciting to explore the world the creators of this game have created and RPing through it will immerse me even more!


Character Ideas -

I've had a character in mind for several years after playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (what a coincidence!) of a black mage name Lizzo. I've created a backstory, family, friends (other characters I want to create and plays as) and history for him. Trying to make a reason why I'll be playing a beginner character I've opted to have him be an expatriot of Garlemald and not having a part in the battle prior to 2.0 meaning he was not sent into the future, but lived through the 5 years.

I've begun to post this character in the Character section and will be updating it as I go. Sooner or later I will also begin to create things for the other characters I have come up with.


How did you find us?

I was looking up the game and came upon a forum where one of the posts was discussing RPing in ARR, it peeked my interest and after looking through some of the forums and character profiles I decided to join.


What level of RP are you looking for, Light, Medium or Heavy?

I'd like to say that I'm Medium/Heavy, but I guess that depends on who I'm with, and how much they wish to RP. I'm looking forward to hosted events and perhaps even attempting to go up in the ranks of a Linkshell.


Real life -

At the moment I'm off school for the summer, but will be returning to a Video Game Art program in the fall. This is one of the reasons why I'm drawn to this game, the lore behind it is 

something I wish to study to learn how to create lore of my own for any future game I may work on and also to enjoy the art that is in this beautiful looking game.

Until I find a summer job I'll be roaming the forums and hoping for an acceptance to the beta.

Other than that, I enjoy creating my own characters for fanfiction and original work.


I am looking forward to getting to know everyone here, and having lots of fun RPing in and outside the game.

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