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Obsidian Court [OC-RP]

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[align=center]"Secrets and lies come to court to dance amongst the shadows."[/align]





For many a year, the darkest corners of the dark underworld of Eorzea has echoed with a name: Rose - A master of whispers, a puppet master in the shadows. Master of connections and information, she and her Court have often attached themselves to small, budding organizations to have them flourish under her guiding hand. Now, however, as interests turn inwards, a call to the Court has been issued, and draws in those who long for their place within her inner circle. The interests of the Court are far reaching, however, and with accepting the obsidian band comes a new responsibility, and a new peril...






Obsidian Court [OC-RP] is a small, heavy dark/mature RP Free Company on the Balmung server. We deal in the grey lines of morality, treading the line between tireless heroes and heinous villains. The Court is dedicated to routing out the demons of man by whatever means are at their disposal. As a group of black marketeers, information brokers, mercenaries, and spies, many efforts go into forging connections and building alliances with other underworld groups to forward their goals.





Does your character deal in information? Connections, black marketing, spying? Forbidden arcane arts and studies? There is a place in the Court for all such characters. Those who are capable, cunning, and willing to do what needs to be done for the betterment of all will gain the favor of the Court quickly, and join the ranks of their courtiers.



OOC, we are looking for players with an interest in roleplaying within the cloak and dagger theme. Our roleplay falls within the dark/mature spectrum, often dealing with illicit substances and goods, as well as taking on darker themes in regards to tasks (assassinations, blackmail, etc.).





  • Strong leadership: Our officers consist of a mature, tight-knit group with over fifteen years of combined leadership experience. All issues within the Free Company will be handled professionally and with respect.
  • An active, supportive player base: Our members are among the most fun-loving you are bound to find anywhere. Whether it comes to RP or OOC banter, friends are easily made and there will be plenty of laughs to be had. Our members have many different schedules and time zones, and you will usually find some activity at any time of day. We are, of course, LBGT+ friendly, both OOC and IC.

  • An active and extensively used discord server: Similarly to activity in game, our discord is active at all times of the day. Used for OOC banter, announcements, and plenty of RP to go around to get you through the slow work days when you can't get in game to RP.
  • Regular RP events and flourishing storylines: In addition to our everyday RP, we hold an FC-wide RP event at least once a week. Both our officers and our members have dedicated themselves to creating an immersive experience, having fearsome villains and fascinating NPCs for the PCs to clash with. From tackling one of the most influential noble houses of Garlemald to a sadistic mage wielding forbidden arts, there will always be someone to hate (and love).
  • Forging new connections with other Free Companies and characters: One of the Court's focuses remains on forging alliances with other underground organizations. These culminate in large joint RP events between both of the companies.
  • Open Environment: Just as our officers weave storylines for our group and others, our members are always encouraged to bring their own stories into the fold. Tell your story, and have others immersed in aiding and participating in all of the bumps along the road.


Currently allied with: 

[align=center]The Dragon's Crown[/align]





[align=center]If you have any interest, please check our recruitment tab![/align]

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