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[Flyer] Steel Soul and the (AZATV)

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p><p> "Steel Soul is proud to present it


Contact Info: [Either find Zwight Vincent, or just pm me when you want to RP such an interaction]



OOC Info:


Zwight Vincent is running a business by himself at the moment. Steel Soul is pretty much just Zwight by himself. 


In character he's created a new traveling machine and he wants to get word out about his company by offering others a chance to receive one for free. 


This is also meant as a way for those who want this machine for their character in-character, this is one of the chances they have. 


I'd like to take this moment to say, just because i stated Zwight created this machine, doesn't mean other people who probably have had the idea to create this machine didn't also create one. They can create one to, let's just say the difference between whatever your character's design was and Zwights is what's on the inside, just so there's no issue in the RP-verse.

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