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  1. Zwight and Nyau at the front desk
  2. Atlus has received an amazing device that lets him communicate with another star! of course he doesn't know this and thinks this is some sort of gimmick journaling device! Thus he can now speak with the internet of our world, and he has much to talk about! Check it out if you're interested, and follow him as he learns more about this mysterious laptop device and tells of his travels! You can even ask him questions! https://atlusevernoir.tumblr.com/
  3. i know it's been a while, just wanted to know who won such an honor? now that the shirogane wars are ending
  4. It took me a bit to think of which of my characters i should explain, but then i chose this one, cause he fights very unconventionally. Zwight Vincent: He's a tiny Lalafell with a big mind. He plans his fights accordingly and precisely. He never leaves anything to chance and sometimes comes over prepared with his bag of doohickeys and gadgets. He'll use turrets, guns, bombs, traps, pretty much anything he can get his hands on and modify. That's not where his fighting style shines though. You see, no matter what tends to happen, there always ends up being a moment where his plan falls apart. No matter how meticulous the plan, there's always something in the way. This causes Zwight to improvise, and improvisation is not his strong suit. He'll flail about trying his best to fight his opponent by running and dodging. He'll attack randomly, hoping to push you back in some way, and guess what? It works...He'll do crazy things in the midst of his cowardice that one might call "Lucky" and he'll defeat his opponent in ways he never thought he could. He uses his amazing good luck to fight, and somehow it hasn't run out yet.
  5. Atlus: Girly boy switches a living dad for a dead one and earns a samurai master who he trains with till he doesn't anymore, now he's wandering around for a purpose. Zera: grown up as an orphan and thieves for a living. Zwight: Garlean born Lalafell inventor discovers his peoples awful ways and moves to Ishgard where he changes his name to Zwight and proceeds to leave Ishgard in order to start his own magitek business that's going nowhere anytime soon.
  6. Contact Info: [Either find Zwight Vincent, or just pm me when you want to RP such an interaction] OOC Info: Zwight Vincent is running a business by himself at the moment. Steel Soul is pretty much just Zwight by himself. In character he's created a new traveling machine and he wants to get word out about his company by offering others a chance to receive one for free. This is also meant as a way for those who want this machine for their character in-character, this is one of the chances they have. I'd like to take this moment to say, just because i stated Zwight created this machine, doesn't mean other people who probably have had the idea to create this machine didn't also create one. They can create one to, let's just say the difference between whatever your character's design was and Zwights is what's on the inside, just so there's no issue in the RP-verse.
  7. Oh also, it doesn't have to just be a Samurai master. If your character is looking for a samurai to serve under his household or something, Atlus could do that to
  8. Honestly i'm just looking for some RP. I don't have any requirements other than please take a look at my character before deciding: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Atlus_Evernoir I'm hoping to find him either a new master, or if someone has a master character that could totally fit seamlessly in my characters backstory, to take up the mantle of his old master. Atlus is in Kugane at the moment, he's never been to Eorzea, so any RP would have to start here and not there. Or if you have a need for a Samurai that's cheap, he'd be willing to help, after all he's kind of wandering aimlessly while training for the most part. Also if there's like a full on FC that's based or plans on being based in Kugane please let me know, for he is FC-less
  9. I am very interested in this group and have already sent an application
  10. This poster can be seen in Uldah, Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, Ishgard, and Shirogane, For those who can't read the poster: Small Lalafell with a big dream! New Magi-Tech Company in the Start-up phase! Looking for other big dreamers! You don’t even have to know Magi-Tech! Adventurers who enjoy traveling to many places in order to find and collect materials are also important! List of possible jobs -Mechanics -Resource Manager -Book Keeper (Finances) -Research and Development -Workforce Mananger -Other slots may vary No funding, no housing, no pay...YET! A closer look at the poster reveals that the back has info on how to contact Zwight as well as this: "As all businesses have done, we will be starting on thebottom. It’s to be expected that we won’t have much to start with. Only those seriously willing to consider betting it all should contact me!" Contact: Zwight Vincent (This is technically a recruitment to a Free Company that hasn't been created yet. Though it's existence is for RP purposes, anyone can join even if they don't RP. Need at least the amount of people required to create an FC for this to go any further.)
  11. Forgets how to feel yet finds a lizard to love.
  12. Hi i'm kinda new to this website. I say kinda because of the fact that i've been on many times but i've never posted or inserted myself into this whole...community, till recently! Check it out! this is my very first Player Character and i just added it to the Wiki within the last few minutes of writing this post! https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Axia_Valor Tell me what you all think. Axia is my main character so if any of you see me out there feel free to start RP-ing with me (Unless i'm afk)
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