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[ Dev. Blog ] Sound-track IV: The Voyeur's Home


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Ferenhalwes forwards another message from Sound Director Soken...



June 06, 2013


Hello all!

Ferenhalwes here.


FINAL FANTASY XIV sound director and resident knee-sock inspector, Masayoshi "Knee" Soken came to my desk this morning and asked me if he could throw something up on the blog. I was ready for another round of tail shots, but something had changed. Here's what he had to say:




Sorry for the recent lack of updates, everybody. It's been a busy, busy month for me and my team, what, with phase 3 of the beta test right around the corner, and then the final release right around the corner after that. It's not like I didn't already have enough work, but no...the big P has to stop by my studio and say, "I want to do something special for E3. MAKE ME SOMETHING EPIC!"


Only "epic," you say? That'll be a cinch! I have something right here in the top drawer of my des─ GAHHHHGRGRH!


But the order had been given. There was no turning back. Anything less than mind-blowing would be deemed a failure. A blemish on my soul. A thorn in my pride. This was E3 we were talking about here. This was FINAL FANTASY XIV we were talking about here!


And so my team and I kissed our wives and girlfriends farewell, and locked ourselves in the studio for six days and six nights with nothing but bags of shrimp chips and tall lattes. We worked our fingers till they grew raw, stared at our screens till our eyes glazed over, blared music until our ears bled. And on the seventh day...it was complete. And it was good.


But "good" wasn't good enough. It needed to be epic.


And so for the final mix, we went to Hollywood and bent the knee to Soundelux's Scott Gershin, veteran sound design expert for countless multi-million dollar motion pictures (and our very own New Beginning trailer). And he smiled and nodded (and sent this picture).




The trailer was now epic.


I must have watched it a thousand times that week...and I still get goosebumps with each new viewing.


Hopefully all of you will feel the same.


Talk to you all again soon!








He's right, you know. It is epic.

Next week, guys!




It looks like we might be in for a treat during E3.

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