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Regarding Recent Happenings

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Hello all. This thread is brought to you by your friendly neighborhood admin. It is locked for obvious reasons.


As many know, a recent explosion took place on the forums in regards to the age old RP server debate. Tempers went off in some places, and damage was done. The discussions regarding this have been temporarily removed. I want to stress the word "temporarily." Right now, it is in everyone's best interest to calm down. While locking the thread would have normally been a viable solution, it was recently linked on an outside forum in an attempt to further facilitate the argument elsewhere.


For the time being, we should all just chill out and relax. There is no reason we should get so bent out of shape over something that won't matter that much in a few months anyway.


The thread will be restored within a week or so.


Additionally, I have (at my own discretion) temporarily removed the advertisement for a particular RP shell. The reasoning behind this need not be explained fully in public. But should the linkshell's leadership wish to discuss this further, I am open to doing so privately in order to reach an agreement that will benefit all parties.


Thank you and happy RPing!

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