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From Beta, To Noob, To RP on Mateus


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I was an original Beta-tester for V.1, then also got to test V.2.  I would have come earlier, but I was a long time resident of Vana'diel (and all my friends there) which caused a delay.  Well, although I've been vested in XI for a long time now, it's time to move on.  I really like the casual nature that ffxiv offers (I have a job you know), not to mention the possibility for RP that XI never seemed to grasp (despite such great opportunity).


And with that, let it commence:  My sister and I (Avci) took the boat to Eorzea somewhat recently.  Being from a family of healers, I've begun to settle in as a Conjurer in the woods of Gridania.  My sister plans to remain in Limsa Lominsa since apparently she can further her rainbow rodent "Carby" there... A pirate den of all places... Yeah, I feel good about that.


Yet regardless, it seems that if we are to succeed in our new home, we must become skilled healers/supporters in Eorzea.  It is our heritage after all.  Raise FTW...

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I've had some time to observe the community on Mateus.  In my own way. So before leaving Limsa Lominsa for Gridania to meet with the Conjurers there, I needed to observe the local community.  I am leaving my Sis there after all.  So from the morn' we observed and learned about the local Mateus community.



Leri:  At least just /wave... I mean just look at everyone's pets! "Hello! /wave".  "/poke.  Oh he's so neat!"  "/cheer Such a great name for your pet!"



Avci:  Such a healthy population, so many people, sprouts, and a lively RP community.  Folks in the community openly greeted and enjoyed each others company in a way even I could see from the outside.  My sitting on a bench self saw as much. Therefore, I will stick to my normal mode of operations and just naturally fall into a group here in game.  Which begs the question, the RP emblem I've seen twice now... Is this a status one can place next to their name?  I am most intrigued.

Leri:  So You're going to make things awkward and difficult again aren't you?

Avci:  Of course!

Leri: *face palm*



Avci:  The local populace seems to look at us a certain way, I must analyze further.

Leri:   We have the same family name so everyone totally thinks we're a couple...  This is so awkward...  


Looking forward to encountering folks the old school way.  As a gimp of course.  Tis' my way.

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This is a really cute post, above. ^^


Welcome to Mateus! I’m also a former XI player (who still constantly keeps calling Lalas Tarus...) who is RPing in Mateus. Feel free to add me as a friend in-game. My character name is Kamome Greywing! On Discord I am Kamome#7964 if you use that too!

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