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The Jade Rose Casino: A Gambling Night - November 15th - 7 PM - EST

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The Jade Rose Casino: A Gambling night

November 15th - 7PM EST (Balmung)

Location: Mists Ward 12, Plot 53



Come enjoy a lovely night of gambling within our walls! Our staff will be fully prepared to make sure you have the most pleasant time! Gamble your fill as you test your luck against our chance games, fill your belly with nice food and drinks and be amazed by the most special magic show!





Within our walls, everyone is equal and will be tread as such. So be it Kings or Emperors, you will abide by our rules and behave yourself during your stay. Else you'll have a word or two with our highly skilled security. Question should be directed to Akarios Deadgem or Namue Darkflame (Discord: Akarios#8972 Namue#4303)




The Jade Rose Casino is a fan-created and fan-run Casino made for the roleplaying community of Balmung.




All Rights Reserved.

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