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Grass is greener?

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Weird title, I know but I think it's fitting. I'm having a problem that's growing by the day. I have an established character, Uruvion. He's a bit of a depressing Elezen WHM. I have Aki'to, a healing professor in Grinadia, and a Hyur Midlander named Vance, who I have rough ideas on right now but I like where they are going.


I dont know if it's because Uruvion is a depressing character(doesn't get along well with others, especially Hyur) or what but I keep thinking of new characters and I dont want to completely clean Uruvion's slate and start over with a new personality.


What do I do?


Uruvion: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=1890


Here is Aki'to: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=1805


And Vance: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=2116


I only want one main character but I can't decide! I also don't know what they will look like or what class I will enjoy most. This is driving me crazy! Help!

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lol that's tough!! But if you only want one main character... I guess try to consider 1) which character's story will be the most worth telling and exploring and have the most potential and 2) which one will just be the most -fun- to play out? Some people find depressing fun to rp and some people prefer something lighter? Not sure if that helps, at all, but good luck with that! D8 I guess also consider which character will have more potential when interacting with other characters,..?

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You're not alone on this one. I'm coming up with new characters all the time that I like. Mostly because I read a lot of old books and I'm very easily inspired. What CJ said is pretty much the way to go about it. Think about the fact that you're interacting with others and you'll be building a story as the game progresses. That alone is what caused me to can my gruff loner and my introverted, rude scientist and settle for my knightly hero. Even after settling for my knight though, I found myself drawn to the NPCs I made for his back story and wanting to play them as well.


The real important things to think about in my opinion are:


1. Can I RP this character for an extended period of time without getting tired of him/her?


2. (not important for some) Will this character fit into a class or job that I enjoy playing?


3. Will this character be able to interact with the rest of the community? Being a jerk or a loner is fine if you know how to channel it, but if you think you'll end up RPing alone there's really not much point.


And then of course, the basics, like "Does he/she fit into the lore?" and things of that nature.


This was kind of a rushed post, since I'm about to head to work, but I hope it helped a little. I'd be glad to read the links you provided and give you some real character feedback later today or tomorrow though if you want. Just PM me.

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I've had trouble with that kind of indecisiveness before, but I found a solution that has worked for me.


Stop completely, and put the entire thing aside for a while. Don't work on it, don't even think about it. When you spend a great deal of time obsessing over working on something, you tend to start overthinking it, getting stressed out and going crazy. Do something else you enjoy, and come back once you've had time to calm down and clear your head. However long that takes. Hours, days, even a week or two, whatever. Come back to it then with a clear head and fresh eyes, and see what you think. You may find you have a completely different attitude towards one or another. A fresh perspective can do wonders.



I also don't know what they will look like or what class I will enjoy most.


If this is part of your trouble, I'd suggest not making a decision until you get a chance to try everything out. When you're able to access the game, play with the character creator for every race you have an interest in and see if anything clicks. Play each class a little and see what you like.


I also agree with the others that you find out which you have the most fun RPing with as well.


Then make a choice from there. You wouldn't pick a favorite food without ever tasting it first, would you?

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I also don't know what they will look like or what class I will enjoy most. This is driving me crazy! Help!


I'm with you on the class part. I love, I mean absolutely love playing as a tank and messing around with swords. But for me, because of my love for them, it interfered with my character creation to the point where I'd just make my character the best in all the land with a sword. Which, in my eyes, is completely unacceptable. So what did I do? I chose a profession that I would have least likely used in any scenario, which in my case is Archer. Don't get me wrong, I love bow's and arrows as well, but picking a class that I wouldn't normally be helped me, personally, a lot with character development because I was forced to look at the ups and downs of that particular class.


Sure, my character can use a sword, it's his secondary profession, but he's more skilled with a bow.


I think I'm beginning to prattle on here, so in light of what Caysen said, just try out all the individual classes before you make a final decision regarding your main character. Get a feel for every class and then decide which class you like best and model your character around that.


I loved playing Thaumaturge in early 1.0 because of the /aoe on/off command. But then they took it away from me and I became sad kitty :(

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