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Paranormal Trinkets Merchant - LF> Connections

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[J'saa for short]: Sometimes shortens name to J’ for commonfolk; or to avoid confrontation from larger tribes.


Paranormal, Cursed and Possessed Items Merchant


Looking for: Friendships, regular 'customers'/sellers/informants of the paranormal, rival tribe members, other connections/acquaintanceship. Both new or established friendships welcomed. [interested especially in: A logical friend who is a nay-sayer to the 'paranormal' and what Jh'saahti sells.]


--- I'm currently only looking for more casual/go-with-the flow RP, as I'm on a bit less than I'd like to be. General walk up and quick chat friendships, etc, greatly appreciated.


Jh’saahti is laid back and fun loving. He’s apt to fall for a drink or two, and is known to be overly flirtatious - even if he has no romantic or sexual interest in the person. He can be somewhat naive and overly trusting of new information, sometimes believing even obvious sarcasm or jokes.


This Seeker frequents the city of Ul'dah as a favored place of trade, though his tribe and home remains in the Sagolii desert. Jh'saahti will go above and beyond to find and obtain items even rumored to be 'cursed', 'paranormal' or 'possessed'.



Jh'saahti can be very aloof about his wares, as is custom to his tribe's culture. Vague warnings or explanations often fail to properly warn of the dangers of more malicious items, and anything with a 'good' effect always has some kind of draw back. Some trinkets may even be considered snake oil, ie. a lucky Marmot's foot that's only 'lucky' thanks to placebo.


He rarely allows a customer to see all of his wares, preferring to suggest specific items instead.


[Please note nothing he 'sells' is a real game item; it's all imagined as part of the RP.]


The Jh' Tribe



  • Ancient off-branch of the 'J' Seeker Tribe
  • Have wolf-like features (ears, tails) that they attribute to a blessing from Azeyma, as Jackals are their spiritual protectors/after-life guides
  • The tribe, especially the females, practice heavily in mysticism, tarot, palm reading and the belief in spiritual power

Extended version:


Jh'saahti hails from the desert fairing Jh’ tribe, an ancient off-branch of the larger ‘J’ Seeker tribe. The tribe’s elders have long refuted the origins of their name distinction, some believing they are the 'true’ Jackal tribe, and that those of the 'J’ have lost their way. In face of their touted superiority, the Jh’ keep to themselves, secretive and unwelcoming to outsiders; a custom which has caused them to severely dwindle in number.


Jh’ members are close devotees of Azeyma, the Warden, though pay religious homage to her under the moon. The tribe, especially the females, practice heavily in mysticism, tarot, palm reading and the belief in spiritual power. They have been known to perform exorcisms, and deal in 'cursed’ or 'possessed’ items. The Jh’ believe it’s their duty to reveal the 'truth’ of these spirits as children of Azeyma, especially in the night hours, while their Goddess sleeps.


The Jh’ think of the Jackal’s calls as a sign of strong spiritual activity, and consider them protectors who consume the dead to defend the living. They also believe them to be a guide to the afterlife, and that to hear their howls after the death of a loved one is good luck, as this means their soul will not be lost in their journey.


These Miqo'te tend to have more canine-like tails and ears, which they attribute as blessings from Azeyma, gifts bestowed upon them so they may be closer to the Jackal.

Tia of the tribe often bring in money through craft and trades, where the women through palm reading, fortune telling or other such divining. Both sexes are notorious treasure hunters should they believe a cursed, possessed or particularly wealthy reward awaits them. It is not unusual for a Jh’ member to leave for extended periods of time, only to return with shared bounty. Though such stereotypes are tradition, not all members adhere to them.



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