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[ Dev. Blog ] Leaving on a Jet Plane


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Fernehalwes sends us another blog post filled with a small taste of the Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah opening scenes.


Leaving on a Jet Plane

June 09, 2013


Hello everyone!

Fernehalwes here chilling in the departure lounge at Narita International Airport, munching on peanuts and pretzels, waiting for the 10 hour flight to Los Angeles and E3.


I still have a few minutes before boarding, so I thought I might post a few screenshots from the phase 3 beta version going live next week.


Those of you who participated in Beta phases 1 and 2 have already seen the opening cutscene forGridania, but here’s a little taste of the openings of for Limsa Lominsa and Ul’dah (and a couple of shots of the touched-up Gridania opening, just for good measure)














▼Limsa Lominsa






Wait… Was that moogle downing a bottle of vino? What is the ESRB going to say about that!?


Talk to you all again from LA!




Drinking in public? Hardly becoming of the normally well behaved moogles.

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