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[Balmung] Rank 8 FC and Apartment to good home!


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I can delete this if it's not okay to have as a thread. >< I'm not asking sort of re compensation for them. 


As the title implies, Hi! I have a rank 8 FC and an apartment that are collecting dust.  I'm not asking anything for them. Considering just how important they are for RPs and organizing groups-- it would mean a lot if someone could put them to use instead! 


For the apartment, I'll just warn to have the standard 500k required to purchase it when I drop my ownership! It's located in the Mist, 2nd Ward!    The Apartment's been taken! Congrats, Ahkutai Angura!! 


The Rank 8 FC was in preparation for some organization in story for my friend group's FC, but it wasn't needed after all!  It has about 180K credits to start up, a namechange ready, and a logo design to play around with as you want! It hasn't been touched beyond a massive geardrop for seals. xD It does not have a house or airships.



Shoot me a PM here, or find me ingame on Nenia Reihnolh or Seitsuda Hironiwa!  The FC is on a completely different alt, but I don't touch it. Lol



I'm not asking for anything so I assume it's not hurting the ToS. >< Again, apologies if this isn't appropriate.



Apartment and FC have been taken!  Thank you for looking!


Thanks for looking!

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