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Happy Gyuki Healing Clinic


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The Happy Gyuki Healing Clinic is a free clinic sponsored by the Garlean embassy, held in the friendly and neutral location of Shirogane. Because the Empire cares about you.


Our team of imperially trained medicus offer the latest in cutting edge medical assistance both surgical and aetherial for all of our patience needs. Your privacy and comfort is our greatest concern, though we do ask for some basic information regarding your medical history and identity, you can be assured that your answers are absolutely confidential. Feel comforted and reassured by our 24-hour staff of armed security guard whose sole purpose is to ensure you safety and please be prepared to relinquish all weapons at the security checkpoint at the entrance.

For off-hour emergencies, our doctors can be contacts at any hour of the day (get in contact with Aegir Hlerson in-game or discord Aegir#5138.)


Internships are available to interested parties who can pass a background check.


Everyone is welcome, regardless of nationality, creed, or militia affiliation. Translators can be provided to those who can only communicate in the tongues of the savages. And please remember, we are here to serve you.

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