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I had a vision for awhile now of a Free Company I wanted to make. A place where people could grow, learn, and help each other. A company that can both focus on OOC Pve and PVP content and at the same time focus on Role Play. A balance of the two. A home where any form of player could come and find friends and people to help them.






My vision for this is to help new and old players. New players have access to veteran players to learn and have help from. Be it just clearing content or helping them learn their class and reach the level they would like to. Veteran players I want to give them a place to have other players to do content with, discuss the game, etc. Possibly even form statics together in the company, with new and old. I have been wanting to make a static for progressing and also make one for newer players to learn and get in the swing of how raiding in XIV works. Same goes for PVP, All the same goals with new and veteran players.



[align=center]Role Play[/align]



The story and plot I have planned for the FC is along the line of a actual company, almost like a grand company but in FC form. It will be lead by my alt because he is more fit for the leading a company position IC then my main is. It will be a company that welcomes all forms of adventurers and offers branches for different types of people to join. For example some of the ideas I have currently are a Medical branch, A combat branch, building branch, etc. And those branches can take on jobs fit to their skills and obviously branches will also do some jobs together. But I think this setting could leave a lot of possibilities for a lot of different types of stories. Some more serious, story driven RP on top of the regular casual stuff.



[align=center]Current situation and Joining[/align]



As it currently stands the FC is extremely small, I just made it. One of the biggest reasons I have waited so long to make this is because I have seen a lot of successful FC’s and a lot of FC’s in general and one of the main things I’ve learned is to have a good FC, you need good people to run it. And one person can’t do it alone. So I did not want to do it till I had help, but i realize help is not going to come unless I make my ideas and plans more out there. So that is what this is. If you want to help me build this idea and work towards growing it to reach this plan. I thank you, if you want to just join and see where it goes that's fine too. But be warned it's brand new and extremely small. I will need more people before I can really start to get things going.






If you have any questions or concerns or anything. Feel free to contact me about it. I want to build a friendly close knit family. So I welcome ideas and input. I really think if this takes off it could be something amazing.


And don’t worry I am still running the community for anyone reading this in the RP community. ;P I won’t give it any less attention. I just want to make something a little more serious. For some larger story driven RP and everything else I talk about in this. I will still welcome the community and anyone outside the FC to all of our RP and such it's just easier to do big story RP in a FC setting and obviously some of my other goals and ideas!

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