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Hello role-players, adventurers galore! I just preordered my Reborn game thingie so now I'm wishing it's August and preemptively establishing my role-play character for the new-ish game. I feel like it's two summers or... (something ago... maybe three. ah... where have the summers gone?) ANYWAYS, A FEW SUMMERS AGO I was pretty much doing the same thing, getting Ami Faye all figured out and psyching myself out over FFXIV. Now it's the Reborn game, a hiatus later, and I pretty much used the same name (sort-of-not-really) for my newwww character: Cima Fhae. <- That's for if anyone's bored/curious/I really don't know what other category of mood to put here.

If anyone dooooes remember me, they may or may not remember that I was like, super silent. And kept pooching my characters. And making new ones. And plaguing that poor RPCwiki with my failed attempts at character-making. SO THIS TIME, I JUST HAVE ONE! And she's not stretched too far, or thin, or however that phrase goes. Still in progress though. Not sure how the time-lapse will affect her... also can all the continents still play together and stuff?

Sooo... don't really have much else to say (and when I say thaaat I mean prepare yourself for a bit more rambling), except it's nice to see players from before! I really loved Final Fantasy XIV for its community, even if I wasn't an active participant. Just shy. Wasn't anything against you cool kitties. Nothing really interesting has transpired since I stopped playing. I bought Guild Wars? Got stuck in character creation for like, 3 months. I was looping - create, delete, create, delete, create, de-.. yeah. It was terrible.

QUICKTHINGS INFO: ... Uh. My blood is not blood, it's maple syrup and I have skate-blades fused to the soles of my feet like the rest of my kinsmen. I'm digging this whole summer concept, though working too much to reallyyyy enjoy any of it. I love cats, so yeah, missed the Miqo'te. I... can juggle, like cute stuff, sleeping and food. And I just finished reading Dune, if that opens any conversation door thingies.

Last time someone said I gave them diabetes or something, so I hope you're all okay, or whoever glances at this. MAY YOU ESCAPE RELATIVELY UNSCATHED. Don't drink the kool-aid. Etc.

But really, I'm excited and happy to be around this community again!:moogle: ♥

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Thank you for the warm and fuzzy welcomes Eorzeans! Hope to gallivant with all of you at some point or another. ^.^~


August will be here soon! Don't sweat it, dwelling will just make the time go by much slower!

No Rhynka. I want a device to propel us to that point in time. >.< Forget any paradoxes that may create! Adventure awaits! *pulls you off into the distant horizon that is August*


Indeed it does! Dune is absolutely one of my favorite books. What did you think of it?

Oh. My. Dog. It was really something else - the amazing kind of something else. Feints within feints within feints. At first I thought I was never going to get it, and I'm not really well-acquainted with politics so I thought it'd lose me there. But Frank Herbert gets a golden star from me. ... Golden... nay! Iridescent. An iridescent star. For the love, for the insanity, for the tragedy, and for the treachery. I didn't think drugs, politics and ecosystems could work but like, yeah! Wow. Just wow.


We met long before.

Father! It's been a while. I'm sure we'll bump into each other, it's a small world after all! :3 Nice to see you again!


Story of my life. Haha!

I'm relieved my frustrations are shared, as bad as that is. ;_; LET'S TRY AND GET THROUGH CHARACTER CREATION ON DAY 1, MELLE!


Why does the Mayor of townsville look like Bubbles?

Uhhhh.... coincedence! Pure... coincedence... >.> <.< ... Of the purest form. ... *Subtle jedi hand-wave of dismissal*


Ohoho, I remember you~ Hopefully you have been well! At least well enough to stumble back in to zee RPC, right? : P

Xenedra, hello! I'm alive and kicking. ;D But I couldn't resist kitty-people and moogles and cactaur and... *abrupt gasp* Yeah, all that final fantasy stuff. Hope you've been well too!

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