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Greetings and Hello (Possibly Seeking RP on Mateus)


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Hello everyone, I am... well needless to say quite new to the world of Roleplaying in the world of FFXIV but I am certainly not new to roleplaying in general haha I actually started out Roleplaying on forums like this back when I was some... 13-14 years old... Oh man those were some BAD RPs I will not lie... but we have to start somewhere right? I've pretty much been roleplaying for the better part of well 16-17ish years now but I have stagnated a lot because I have had some... less than pleasant experiences with people in recent years.


I'm honestly looking to try and 'branch out' so to speak and get to meet new people who I will hopefully enjoy talking to as I have a small select group of friends that I generally Roleplay with on things like Discord (Read that as just my spouse and a good close friend of ours). Overall, I'm pretty much a person who is open to anything when it comes to Roleplaying and I generally look to RP for the fun side of it. That doesn't mean I don't like me some serious plots and such but you know... I just want to enjoy the RPs and have a nice relaxing time with someone who is awesome enough to RP with me.


Though to be fair, I have HUGE anxiety because of the problems in the past (Me and my spouse dealt with a rather abusive RP partner in the past and that wasn't fun) and I generally try to avoid things like Romantic involvements with my OCs because of similar issues with past RP partners. Regardless, I hope to be around here and attempt to actually get out of my small box and meet some new people.


Sorry for rambling haha I tend to get rather talkative when it comes to these things or when anxiety hits. Regardless if anyone has any questions feel free to ask ^.^ If I don't respond well... I am either passed out in bed or distracted. For now I leave you with a roughed out piece of my Main Character (Jacques Cresent) in game for your viewing pleasure and my DA Page alongside my FFXIV Tumblr.



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Art looks great and you seem like a decent bloke. Unfortunately I'm on filthy Balmung, so I can't poke you in-game or set something up there, and I'm admittedly terrible at Discord RP. I've got some placeholder characters on Mateus, but I don't have the attention span, time, or effort required to flesh them out enough to RP with. ^^;


Good luck with the search though mate, I hope you find someone to RP with who won't end up being a prat.

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I actually only recently got Discord since a lot of my friends seemed to recommend it and it's pretty easy for me to work with. Other than that I haven't actually done any In-Game RPs yet since I'm very much a coward when it comes to interactions in-game (basically bad anxiety for the most part) and it's one of those awkward things. But I know that feeling as well, I have a few characters on Mateus that I made but I haven't done much with them since I'm pretty much just lacking the attention span to do anything with them granted I do bounce back and forth between Jacques (My main) and my other 60 but usually if I'm on either of them I'm pretty much farming GC Seals or off doing random things and not really reaching out to RP.


I'm so bad at this haha

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Hello and welcome to FFXIV roleplayers!


I actually have a fairly new character over on Mateus, who is looking for some friends etc, so he is always an option. I'll also be making another character on there come January.


My current Mateus character is called Zen Are'a so hit me up if you see me online.

Otherwise, you can add me on Discord: Jesse#8435


I'll do both Discord and in game RPs, either you're comfortable with!


Hope to hear from you!

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Thank you everyone for being so amazing and welcoming! I'm a bit rusty on forum stuff so this is all a bit intimidating at times for me (doesn't help when I'm also anxious as well haha). I will certainly be reaching out to you guys once I am able to. With the holidays coming up I'm a bit busy (aren't we all right?), and I have characters that can serve whatever purpose you would be up to. For the most part the best way to describe them is just, take your pick and we can work things out xD I just always get on Jacques as he is my main and is the one I've developed the most at the moment, he's got a more laid out backstory (which I keep private since I am afraid to share it given how it is and the like) I'm more just intimidated and shy with bringing it up because I don't have a lot of knowledge of the FFXIV lore and Jacques was originally from FF7 haha


For Jacques would be the guy to go to if you are into that dark, broody sort of thing and drama... one big word I use to describe him is 'extreme' and it's a running joke because I have the two Ifrit Wall decorations in his apartment that he just ripped Ifrit's head off and now has it as a trophy xD overall he's the big tall grumpy dragon man who is cold and bitter because of his past and such. Pretty much the guy you can ask for if you are wanting something on the more dark/drama theme'd side of things. Of course I can work with anything for him so it's up to what my RP partner would like at the time ^^



I also have Xheta'ra, my Miqo'te Teenager who is very much a shy, timid and very much meek thing because he's had to deal with the hardships of Ul'dah and the violence that can sometimes happen there. Overall he's got a bit going for him but he's still being developed and I'm working on things for him. I do like the thought that some could hear the little 'mini rumors' that I have for him where he's basically clumsy and a clutz with any sort of work he takes up (Things like Goldsmithing, etc.) and people don't often give him the chance to prove them wrong so he tends to be jumpy when it comes to it (He's a great fisher though!). I'm trying to play him as the type who is great with magic but pretty... poor with other things xD And a screenshot of how he looks in game (Black Mage there, I also have him as a Red Mage)




My other two characters are Raratosho, tiny Lalafell who will eventually be a Summoner once I get around to playing him. He's the more happy and carefree type who is more than willing to joke around and poke fun at things at least with the small amount of RP that I have done with him with my Spouse. Then I have Temulun who is another teenager (like Xheta) and he can be the more playful and flirty type but he's easily flustered when someone else happens to be talking about well the more risque topics (mostly because his clan was very much against such things). I do have screenshots of them but not many but you can find them on my tumblr that I've listed up in the opening post.



I'm actually feeling a bit more confident thanks to all the amazing responses even if they have been a few ;v; I'll likely keep my Discord private for the time being but I will add people who want to send me a shout out here. Just know that I might be a bit slow in my responses on Discord since I'm horribly shy ;v;

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