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Defence Against the Darkest Arts: 9 Feb, 10 pm GMT

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Join Metaphysick for an evening discussing the Void, the monstrous creatures that inhabit it, and protective measures you can take should you find yourself faced with one.

We will begin the evening with lectures on voidsent in the library on the ground floor. A bell later, we will move to the basement for practical lessons on protecting yourself from voidsent, using glamoured mammets to mimic their abilities and test what you’ve learned.

Refreshments will be available throughout the evening at the bar situated on the top floor of the estate.

What: Learn to defend yourself against the darkest arts and voidsent!

When: Friday the 9th February 2018 at 10 pm GMT/5 pm EST

Where: Mists, Ward 12, Plot 35 on Balmung

Contact Torhe Raanu or Rosamund Hale with any questions!

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Thanks so much to everyone who came last night! We hope you had a good time! We really enjoyed all the interesting questions and had a lot of fun practising against mammets with you. We’re considering a more advanced lecture as a possibility in the future, for those of you who already know the basics, so watch this space!













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