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Greetings and Salutations!

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I FOUND YOU GUYS! FINALLY! I really don't know where to start... Like should I think of it like an interview or something? I'm so confused. Ok fine I'll just start typing and subject you all to the pontification of giddy-fingers that learned they can be a Summoner!


                My MMO background is not the same as my RP background. My MMO background begins all the way back with Diablo 2 and has continued onward into Final Fantasy XI, Vanilla WoW (Partially to my shame), the City of franchise,  Champions Online, XIV V1.0, Aion, Tera, and ending with Guild Wars 2. I wear my gamer-nerd badge with extreme pride! HUZZAH I HAVE GAINED A LEVEL and all that jazz.


                My RP background began when I was ten years old in yahoo chats and forums and all the like and traveled into my MMO experiences all throughout. I, like most of us (I imagine), am an RP-addict. I simply cannot play a game without RP on a mostly everyday basis. I'm proud to say I have existed as guild leaders, officers, members, and mediators and all that nice stuffs. NOTIMPORTANT! No game has brought me more joy as a game and as a RP Platform then FF11 did and I personally have never been happier to join an RPC as I am right now typing this out! I truly cannot wait to join you all both in forum RP and in the game itself. Suffice it to say I am a Heavy Role Player through and through, never been anything else in fact!


Full Name: Razeyha'li Venyhs (Third son ofRazeyha Venyhs)

Aliases: Raze, Poet, Nightingale, Wordsmith

Gender/Species: Male Keeper of the Moon

Age: 25-27 depending on how I feel during Character Creation


Orientation: Heterosexual (I felt the need to include this after reading the census)

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Religion: Abandoned his devotion to any higher being

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