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Early Access Question

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Hey guys!

I'm sorry, I seem to ask y'all a lot of questions don't I? Let me know if it gets annoying.


Anyway! With pre-ordering the game, you get early access, which to me is extra exciting since I'm not participating in Beta (I haven't tried to enter it, mostly because I want my first experience with the game to be when it's completed and ready).


But anywho, I am going to be playing the PS3 version, and I preordered a physical copy of the game, which makes me wonder... how will I get the early access without having the game yet? Do you suppose they will be mailing out the preordered games earlier than the release date?


I know they mentioned a preorder early access code that you'll have to input somewhere (which worries me since I dont have one, and I'm hoping I didnt accidentally delete it with that first email augh!)


What are your thoughts, or have you heard any rumors? Thanks!

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As far as I am aware the codes for early access have not been distributed yet.


I pre-ordered for the PS3 (CE) and have received a code to redeem for the ingame items, but not for the early access.


As a note there are not reports of the code on the subreddit, and there is also not a code registry field up on any official Square site that I can find.


I'll keep an eye out for it in some of the other communities though,


Hope to see you out in Hydaelya soon.

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