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Reogadyn Females! (pics!)

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Hey everyone! How are y'all?


Now, because I don't have beta it's a little difficult for me to get my hands on accurate Reo Female (Hellsgaurd specifically) pictures! Such as facial features and hair and stuff.


I have really been wanting to draw some and just get a better look and feel for them as I also create more background for Fire Olive.


If you can post pics of ones you run by or your own, I would be greatly appreciative!

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Okay, I just took about, uh, a hundred screenshots, and that's not even covering all the possible facial feature options and only a handful of colours of each category. I don't have the time or inclination to post them all right now, but I did try to make a possible version of your character, based on your character reference thread post, as I was going through.


The final result isn't quite so much of a chore to post!







:moogle: Make sure to click to zoom in on the last one.

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