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  1. I've never explicitly retired a character in any sense. Anytime I've stopped playing a character who I really got into RP with, it's because I've had to abandon them due to anxiety. At that point, I can't even talk to anyone, so there's no way of getting any closure. Not sure I have any relevant point, just had to get it off my chest.
  2. Um, yeah. My social anxiety has been getting the better of me. And in fact has again for the last two weeks. Oops.
  3. I'm sure there'll be other double mounts, now that they've got the tech for them.
  4. Barely anyone is not the same as no one. Also, there's been some since I posted initially.
  5. It's come to my attention that I did not make it clear that this account may only work for players in in 'European' territories. I'm not sure whether you can just create a European account from scratch in North America. So, uh, keep that in mind. On another note, the preorder code comes with the game. If you already have the game, it would be kind of douchey to enter (at least for the main prize, entering the signal boost part is fine for anyone) just to get the preorder code. Which will definitely not work with an existing NA account, only a European one. On the other hand, entering on b
  6. 1.0 didn't get anything like this, did it? They're definitely putting their heart into this one. :love:
  7. With 34 hours left on the new deadline, I've decided I am adding the preorder code to the main prize. :moogle:
  8. Yes, holy crap I finally did one of these. No reason I didn't before, just no reason it felt necessary before? Anyway, I guess I'm getting the itch to find an RP Linkshell for Rhostel, maybe even a Free Company? The thing is, Rhos is (intentionally) a rootless, wandering do-gooder adventurer with no real long term goals or baggage. She could fit seamlessly into any number of LSes, and would happily join most if not all if asked. Thing is, she's got no particular drive to seek out any group to join them for her own reasons. Truth is, she's a little bit broken by events a handful of years a
  9. I. Basic Info Characters: Rhostel Evenhand, Nahctgeim Elilabylwyn Primary character: Rhostel Linkshells: Intermission/Intermission2 (go-between) Primary RP linkshell: None (seeking?) II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium? I love to roleplay, but I'm too shy to do it all the time. Views on RP combat and injuries: *shrug* It's something I've so rarely faced, I don't have any strong feelings. There's no pattern to it, my characters just rarely end up in fights against other player characters. When they do, I'm pretty easygoing, so long as the
  10. I really hope this works out for you. As long as people are confessing, I'm not really cis- nor fully trans-. Actually, I've never really been able to nail down a gender identity I feel comfortable with. I'm aware of the various other options people have determined, but I feel like I fall outside all of them. Admittedly, the main reason I don't feel genderfluid is that I'm too apathetic to act on any such impulse.
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