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Staying on the Sideline

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Hi all!

(Hopefully this is the place to post something like this.)


I wanted to let everyone know that after thinking it over having Weff and a new RP character named Bhav will not happen after all. This is due to the fact that I won't have the time to dedicate to two servers. I recently was promoted to "Ambassador" in my LS/FC and what my "job" is is to help new players with the lower level content, level up with them, assist them in any way possible, etc. I truly enjoy helping people so I want to make sure my focus is on the new people. Therefore, I feel it wouldn't be fair if I disappeared once in awhile for RP. 


On the flip side, I do not think it would be fair to this wonderful community for me to disappear as Bhav for long periods of time, possibly ruining character relationships.


So this isn't a goodbye, but an update to say Bhav won't be in Eorzea. I've asked Kylin if I could remain a member of this site because I am an RP supporter (Never done it myself, but I've read a lot of 1.0 RP stuff and liked it!) and he said it was fine.


Lastly, I hope you all enjoy and make lots of memories in ARR! 


Thank you for reading this and maybe the content finder can group us together sometime! ^^


~Weffrey Pencroff

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