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Hey guys!


I'm Peria, Toxa dragged me over here to be his white mage. (Kidding! Sort of...) Anyways, while I'm not a seasoned veteran I've been RPing heavily for over a year now. Currently in GW2 I help run the Ashenfold Cartel and when FF launches I intend to split my time between the games. I'm looking forward to playing a healer/baker Midlander person...thing. Yeah! Anyways nice to meet all of you! I'll be checking up on the site on occasion, likely more frequently the closer we get to launch and the more I read up on the lore.

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Ohai Peria. :3


Peria's a great RPer and Zeraia used to be active on Ashenfold as well, before things with me and ArenaNet soured. Nonetheless, hello Peria! It's great to see you here :3 Though I will likely keep Zeraia's incarnation in this game more backgroundy, and less visible than in GW2.

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