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Hello everyone! I'm Kitaryna, Kit for short, and I stumbled upon here by chance looking for information about ARR and RP communities.


I played the 1.0 release for a little bit (jumped on the bandwagon late I didn't get a chance to get far before I was sucked back into WoW and before I knew it the 1.0 servers closed).  I was a lowbie and lost on Balmung with a few friends, all of us RPrs, and with ARR coming around I wanted to come back and find a community that was healthy.


Not really sure what else I could say. I've RP'd in various MMO's.. yeah I'm  at a loss here..


Anywho, I look forward to meeting folks and if there it anything someone wants to ask about me, I will gladly answer~ I'm pretty much an open book.

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