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Here to bring some fun!

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God it's been forever since I've been on a forum. Forgive my etiquette if I miss something!


My name here is Laughmaker, though you can pretty much call me whatever you want! I'm a cheap date.


I'm going to be following the guidelines I found in the introduction thread from the top, so bear with me.



--MMORPG background

My first MMO ever was actually Final Fantasy XI. I started playing it with a friend of mine, where I made a Mithra Monk and he made a Galka somethingorother. Unfortunately this was a year or two of World of Warcraft came out, Burning Crusade was in full swing; we found very few other players at our level at the time, though I'm sure they were there. I made it to about level 15 or 20 (My memory fails me) before I moved over to WoW due to a friend's invite.


When I installed WoW I joined a friends guild, where I leveled a Holy Paladin to level 55, then made a Death Knight and never looked back. My main for most of the WotLK expansion, I led a small guild near the end of that expansion's life cycle and we were able to get pretty far in 10 man raids. Unfortunately due to difference amongst the members, we had to quit. I rejoine dmy old guild before taking a break before Cataclysm's release.


Upon my return, I found the Guild mostly empty; they hopped servers to a more active Raiding scene, and had no way of contacting me! Since then I've hopped Realms and Guilds and Classes (Only Monk, Paladin, and Death Knight made it anywhere however) and I recently quit again when I got invited to Guild Wars 2, which is where my RP experience (In MMOs at any rate) began!


--RP experience

I've RPed on Forums since before I can remember; post by post me and friends would eck out stories. Here is a link to one of them ( http://www.surreality-rp.com/discussion/234/tyrant-r#Item_1 ) that we all still post in from time to time if you'd like a read; I'm Odinpony on that forum and Alistor was/is one of my favorite characters to RP.


However when I came to GUild Wars 2, I had never RPed on an MMO. My friend, who recently joined the forums himself, helped me get intergrated into it, where we made a small guild for Heavy RP. It worked well until life interfered for both of us, and the Guild had to be put on the backburner; however I RPed often before this happened on my Norn Guardian, Ursa Williamson, an old soldier who enjoyed a nice cup of tea and was a father figure to the younger members and on Muirasilin, a newly born Sylvari with wanderlust and a naive and pacifistic nature whom was attuned to the element of water. 


I still RP on there, occasionally, with some friends, but my interest in those character has waded a bit and the gameplay isn't enough to keep me interested. My friend has again called me over here to Final Fantasy XIV, where I hope to find a more permanent residence!


--Character ideas/Info

My character, whom I made this very night, is named Irynrael Hyllleitawyn (which if I'm correct, means Iron Doe, Daughter of Hell Bringer. I am still fairly inept at the lore in this game, and the cultures of the races and their naming conventions so I apologize if I got this wrong! Do inform me if this is the case.) She is a Blacksmith, roughly 30 or 40 years of age (or whatever the middle age is for the Roegadyn) and is quite blunt, honest and a workaholic! This is all I really have on her character, though hopefully learning more on the world will influence the rest of her creation!


--How did you learn about the coalition?

My friend, as mentioned before. He can be a nit iffy about when I mention him by name, so I'll let him introduce himself when he sees this!


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

I am fine with any of these! My time is rather free these days, and I can get very in character is need be. Though I must admit I'm still not used to these classifications.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

I am 22, live in New york (not the city), can be rather forgetful at times, and work for Gamestop. I enjoy writing, reading, video games, and discussing story/plot/characters/development for many of all these things!


I spend much of my free time these days playing League of Legends, where I think I'm better than I am.


I occasionally watch television on Netflix, where I find myself rather fond of Doctor Who. Currently reading the Codex Alera novels, on the second one.


Book is better than the movie/TV series! Always~


I am not currently in school, having dropped out to work more; it hasn't worked so I'll be going back this fall. Still don't know what I'll be studying, but I think I may just go with a Literature degree and become some sort of hermit who writes penny dreadfuls for a living.


I'm fond of exclamation points, though it simply means I am excitable, not angry!


In Conclusion!

I added this section! Don't kill me. I think that's all! Any questions/insults/assertions of devotion, please direct them directly at me! My body is ready.

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Nope. This will not do. Where are the jokes? I didn't laugh at all while reading that! I demand a refund!



But anyways, welcome aboard. I'm sure you'll fit in with this lot just fine. Always good to see more Roegadyn women showing up. And thankfully the name you've picked looks like it'll fit (There's a limit to 20 characters for a character name unfortunately. This makes it actually pretty hard for Roegadyn names.)

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I was hoping you'd laugh at my laughable credentials! I'm awful at these things. I'M A TERRIBLE COMEDIANIAMSOSORRY. :cry:


Thanks for the warm welcome!


I noticed the lack of Roegadyn females myself, and I enjoy being a pretty little snowflake. Also they are /gorgeous/.

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Oh jesus there goes the neighborhood.  I mean really after this comes the drug addicts and the homeless! Ok well not really. Everyone I'm the anon friend he's mentioned several times, I'm just as new as he is though. Good ole' LM here refuses to believe it but he's a great roleplayer and one y'all can trust to pull off anything with a comedic flair. Just... ya know hide your valuables.... I MEAN WAIT!


Glad to have you broski and welcome. *bonks*:moogle:

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It isn't a problem at all! Here I was flattered for a moment, but oh well. ;-;


I saw both of your names when I was browsing the art forums earlier! I very much love your art, both of you!


Unfortunately I must retreat to bed, but I wanted to make sure I replied to you both!


Before I leave I just wanted to make sure everyone knew how much I am looking forward to RPing, and that I look forward to making laughs!

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Before I leave I just wanted to make sure everyone knew how much I am looking forward to RPing, and that I look forward to making laughs!



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