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  1. [Server]: Balmung [Housing]: Althaea's Garden [Ward]: Lavender Beds, Ward 10 [Plot]: Plot 3 [Description]: Althaea's Garden was once known as a place for orphans and people who had lost their way. However, following an attack on the residence, the children who stayed in the orphanage have been moved to the Stillglade Fane due to safety concerns. Most staff has also vacated the estate.. some rumors indicate that it may be even 'haunted,' or that the elementals frown upon it. ((OOCly, contact Blade Belisaire in game or Avi#1036 on Discord for more information))
  2. Howdy folks, Posting here to gauge some interest in a general PvP Enthusiast / Casual Player sort of linkshell. We now have dueling, we have Wolve's Den, we have Frontlines roulettes... I have personally been wanting to play some map other than shatter for Frontlines. Thought behind it is pretty simple. We invite a lot of people who just live PvP content. People suggest ideas. Matchmaking happens. Maybe we can even form three full premade teams of Adder, Maelstrom, and Flames, and try to rule the world. Maybe we make premade The Fold groups because we just want to listen to Tor
  3. If I recall correctly (don't know if its been mentioned earlier, skimmed a bunch of the posts), Midlanders are somewhat considered different from the other races in the shape of their ears, which makes sense, because to the eyes of Elezen, Lalafell, and Miqo'te, Hyur are actually in the minority for ear size. People just often tend to forget about that, but I believe in the original 1.0 race description they pointed it out. Anyways, there is something to be said about being 'one among many,' and being a Midlander as being 'baseline.' Yeah, the lore surrounding them is pretty blank and t
  4. I think you have it the other way around. In 1.0, if I recall correctly, there was a single coeurl in the game. I would say they are much more numerous now than they were in 1.0. People frequently mention their mounts ICly, and some just have them for fun. Really depends on your character, and if you want to come up with the story behind the mount or not.
  5. Blade


    Welcome to Hydaelyn Roleplayers.
  6. Just to sort of echo this since I think it's a fair point. If we're talking in terms of someone new seeking a strong early immersion experience, Balmung may be a better pick as Legacy players are already situated at a comfortable spot. Yes, they are ahead, they have money, they have levels. That also means, though, that they have time and focusing on rushing to 50 isn't something that's going to be something they are concerned about. We'll be doing endgame content, but the duty finder makes it so that isn't quite such a time sync anymore, since so much of the original endgame activities ha
  7. Finally, an update! First of all, the biggest news: the site is up and running and ready for people to start applying who are interested. It's included as part of the shell's information, but here it is again. http://tales-of-hydaelyn.guildwork.com In addition, I changed/reworded the recruitment status. You can scroll up and read it there, otherwise I've included it quoted here: Looking forward to meeting you all! -Blade
  8. Members on Behemoth more or less explicitly stated that they chose Behemoth in order to specifically be separate from the RPC because we are 'elitist' and 'trying to dictate' where the RP community goes, claiming that we've been trying to get them to leave Behemoth (when no such thing happened). So I figure we should just give them what they want and remain separate. Secondly, when you factor in the numbers and how the wildcard votes both here and on the beta forums would've factored in, you would've gotten... Gilgamesh: 48 (beta and RPC combined votes) + 13 RPC wildcard votes = 61
  9. Wooo! Congrats Girugarumeshu!
  10. No, no, I wasn't saying that. I was saying the reason why they specified the servers as EU (despite being in Montreal) is to get EU players to congregate on those servers to keep players in similar time zones together. I'm not saying that lag isn't an issue. But it's the reason why they are designated certain servers as EU and others not.
  11. Folks are familiar with it from the events and where people went to mess around. Thing is Niklaus, no one will ever agree on one secondary server. Sadly, you will see probably 3 RP communities sprout up by the time its said and done, unless SE does a sudden turn about and even then, you will still have a mess. Everyone's frustrated, tired of the subject, I know from my viewpoint I went to Gilgamesh to check it out. If Balmung gets locked or full, then it's where a bunch of us will go. In the end, 2 months left and we may see more information that affects everyone. Till then, I guess its Gilga,
  12. Blade

    Bosses and Rp

    In FFXI, we were pretty much the only roleplaying group on Siren that I ever heard of, so we did a lot of roleplaying the storyline and such doing these boss battles. Since it was really just us there, we were able to sort of... monopolize the storyline content. Given though the sheer size of the RPC, something like that can't really quite transfer over as well. I think the way that my shell will approach it in respect of the greater RPC will be that -within our linkshell,- we'll have a slightly different continuity compared to others, and either roleplay variants of ourselves who haven
  13. We can't stop here. I mean, really. Anyone who has played an MMO before is walking into this with a completely unfair advantage. Nay, anyone who has played a Final Fantasy game before. How far is it to go up again someone who KNOWS what a Black Mage is? That we ride these ostriche-like yellow birds called chocobos. :chocobo: I don't know about you but I'd think twice before mounting one of those things if it were my first time. But I know better. Un-fair.
  14. When you look at the RPC in the broadest sense and take it in as a whole, it may come off that there might not necessarily be a good place for you or your style. But I think it is important to keep in mind that not everyone within the RPC subscribes to the same sort of storytelling narrative and that is the reason why we have such a wide variety of linkshells here, built to cater different roleplayer needs and wants. Some groups for example may favor you only selecting a single class or job, others will be fine with you coming in with all jobs and won't give it a second glance. Some gro
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