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A Lonely Soul Says Hello

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Uh, hi, I'm not very good at introductions and things, so I will try... I guess?


So, I have never really done RP in any MMO before But have done online with old close friends. Since leaving them, I have not done any more RP'ing, but still know what I am doing.

I tend to be very nervous and do not like messing up/making a fool of myself, I also do tend to be quite sensitive and harsh on myself too.


I am autistic, so do tend to go on tangents a lot (like now, sorry!) so I do hope I'm not TOO annoying.

I do also have an attachment issue, I'm kinda like a koala, clingy. It's something I don't think I can really help and I think it is just loneliness, So I do apologise if I do not leave you alone, just tell me off, please. This also means I like talking OORP too, but will really never do that in game, I know not to.


Anyhoodles... uh, I have nothing more to add to this sentence do I... Oops,,,



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I think you're going to fit in just fine around here.

Welcome, welcome!

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Hiya Emortal! Welcome to the realm of RP :). I would say there's no need to be harsh on yourself, but I totally get it. I've been RPing for 10 yrs in MMO's and make brutal mistakes all the time. I'm still learning to accept that I'm allowed to make mistakes. Like Khaidu said, "You're going to fit in just fine." There's all aspects of folks on the servers who do the same sort of things that you do. I would be one of them ;)

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*waves* I'm new too and trying to find a place around the FF14 RP community. I'd be up to making character connections and talk if you'd like! I've been looking around to find a server to transfer to in order to be involved with some peeps. I haven't landed on one yet!

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