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A second chance?

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I bought the original FF14 back in 2010 for release but unfortunately I was suffering from a serious illness at that time and did not have the enthusiasm to get into the game, honestly I only managed to log in one time for around 90 minutes.


It was from a gaming point of view a regret on my end but with the rerelease coming it looks as though I will get another chance to experience FF in an MMO environment.  After looking at these forums I intend to roll on Balmung and am looking forward to interacting with many of you. 


I do have one question and that is about the beta, I received an email from Square Enix saying I would have access to the third beta phase and that further instructions would follow but not yet received anything, is there something I should do such as registering for the beta or just be patient?


Thank you in advance for any replies!

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1.  W E L C O M E !


2. Log into your account @ Square Enix Account Management and check on 'Select Services' then FFXIV then 'Options List'.


You should see something like...


            FINAL FANTASY XIV - Windows®

            FFXIV: A Realm Reborn - Beta Test


If so, then you're golden.  Just download the client (it's a totally different one then the old 1.0) and log in with your username and password.



You can download the client HERE.

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Thank you for the welcomes and the advice, logging into my Square Enix account I have the Final Fantasy XIV but not the Realm Reborn option, using the patcher it lets me log in but needs a code from a notification email I have not had yet.


Guess that means I will just have to await that email since the initial email from SE mentions further instructions to come, frustrating but then beta entries normally are in my experience.


I look forward to getting into the beta to see the game and begin to meet you all until then stay safe and do not have too many adventures!

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If you don't get it by Thursday (be sure to check your spam folder) then you might consider putting in a support request.  If you do it during business hours you can actually request to chat with a live person.   Otherwise you can use the e-mail support.


Chances are if your previous letter stated 'instructions to come' then you'll probably get it before Friday.

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