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Alola Everymon!

I followed the Forum for quite a time or well...I kinda saved it.

But only now decided actually try to be active here.


I have been playing FFXIV for about half a Year now, so probably not as long as many PPL here.

But I have been Roleplaying for about ugh 16Years now? However, RPs in MMOs is a first for me - And I would LOVE to try it out.
I cant really find any other People for RP at my Server, Cerberus. SO maybe I have more luck here >v<

Plus, meeting new People is Fun!


My Ingame Chara is Ves'tinel Altea..a smol Miqo as seen at the Avatar.

I love and bonded with her quite a lot, so RPing with her would be kinda interesting.


Looking forward to my time spenting here, and hopefully I get to know more People :3

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*waves* I'm a relatively new player as well, just started playing again. I had previously only played for 2 months and took a break. I feel like I'm in the same situation as you with being on another server aside from the main ones listed here (I'm on Lamia). I might be looking to transfer somewhere though!

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