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Saying hello!

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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages.... Ok, maybe not going that far, but still.


I'm Matthias Silverstar. New to the RPC, 1.0 Player from back when Besaid was still around and all around RP enthusiast.


I don't really have any questions, between my wife (Who is joining me in coming to ARR.) and I we've been scouring the interwebs on every little piece of lore, gameplay and the like for this game.


I honestly can not wait until August to meet a lot of the people on here and others from around the world to enjoy this new, exciting feel of a game I already enjoyed.


For my character? Well... He's going to be mainly a bard. Basing in Limsa Lominsa as his home. And running his own little company. Black Sun Trading will be a free company lead by myself and another fellow coming with me to 2.0 and also in the Beta now, Ryuichi Braidon.


If you're interested in some trading/not-always-so-legal activities or simply a song and conversation. Look us up when we've found our home on either Balmung or a secondary Non-Legacy server that we'll be starting fresh on.


And as always... Thank you all for your time, support, creativity and funny hats. The game got me interested, the community got me hooked. You're all awesome.

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Oh, cool! I'm planning to create a mercantile concern out of Limsa Lominsa as a Free Company so we can provide a venue for the community to RP at through the housing system. It's just supposed to be a small thing as far as membership goes, too. Perhaps we can be (friendly?) rivals! :thumbsup:

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