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balmung The Grand Tilt of Coerthas

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The Grand Tilt of Coerthas

The House de Bayle and Sir Basile Feurieux - Vassal and Knight, Lord of House Feurieux

Start Date: 6/18/2018 - 9:00 PM EST ---- Hosted Bi-Weekly




Hosted by Ser Basile Feurieux in Camp Dragonhead, the Grand Tilt proves to be a glorious event involving all manners of Ishgardian culture. Lords, Ladies, Squires, and Men-at-Arms all flock to the tilt in order to win glory for one’s heraldry, acquire the favor of a Lady or Lord, to witness illustrious spectacle beyond belief, or to practice mounted combat in a vicious trial by fire. The resonance of lance attacking lance echoes throughout the camp, providing an atmosphere hardly found anywhere in Eorzea. Witness then, the true pinnacle of Ishgardian fighting technique and a mixture of fanciful, but gritty vibrance. All are welcome, whether an imposing Viscount or an austere citizen. Warriors and cavalrymen from all over are yet encouraged to sign up in order to prove their prowess on the sturdy back of a Chocobo. Step forward now, aspirants who seek valour and glory, to manifest and prove your strength as Halone’s victor.


All contestants shall be called forward to line up in front of the host. The lists will then follow in announcement, along with the first set of tilting combatants. Then, upon the designated time, contestants of the Joust should ready their Chocobos with protective bardings. Spectators shall be placed on the side of the field. The “field” consists of a two lanes sectioned off by a fence in which opponents will charge at each other from opposite sides.  Both participants shall ride towards each other and pause to roll and then proceed to the other side. When reaching the other side, the combatants shall return to their place, which proves designated by the bannerman or squire.


Requirements to participate:


  • All participants should be armored with a strapped, closed helm, have enclosed gauntlets and breastplates, and a shouldered shield of some sort.

  • Each contestant’s three alloted lances must be at the length of ten fulms and should have a blunted, metal tip.

  • All contestants should be in healthy physical shape and have no injuries that would hinder their ability to joust fairly.


The criteria for winning will then consist of  the following rules:


  • Whoever first scores three points or unhorses their opponent shall be the winner of their bracket.


  • At the beginning of each match, the Chronicler of the Joust will explain the identities of both combatants while they prepare. When both combatants have emoted being prepared, the announcer will declare the charge.


  • In order to gain a point, you must break your lance on the other opponent. Rolls will dictate whether this happens or not and opponents should emote accordingly after they have proceeded to the other side.

    • 1-400 is a miss or a hit without breaking your lance.

    • 401-600 is a lance break.

    • 601-849 is a staggering lance break, which staggers their opponent and nullifies their attack (Unless they have rolled an unhorse on you).

    • 850+ from the opponent is an unhorse.

  • At the moment both participants connect and roll, the announcer will decide and yell out to the audience what the outcome is.


  • When both jousters proceed past each other, they will round around the opposite side back towards their designated side and retrieve another lance.


  • Should both jousters score the same category, whoever rolls the highest will be considered the winner and will have hit first. If both opponents break their lances by rolling 301-700, however, a point will be given to both combatants.


  • After a lance breaks, the participant must retrieve a new lance from their Squire or bannerman. Once they have all emoted receiving new lances and adjusting for the next run, the announcer will ready the charge once more.


  • Should an opponent purposefully or accidentally harm their adversary’s Chocobo they will be disqualified.


  • The winner of the whole joust will be allowed a parade lap around the field in order to celebrate, advertise the heraldry of their House or allegiance, or dedicate the success to a Lord/Lady.


  • There will be no monetary or physical prize for winning the joust, but all in attendance will see you as the most chivalrous and skillful jouster in the lists.


Fame, glory, and chivalry await you at the Jousting Tournament during the Grand Tilt of Coerthas!


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Join us this evening a bit early or during the event to visit the White Tree Catering Company's stall and pick yourself up an exquisite entree or beverage!

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Come tonight for the Pas d'Armes, a specialized version of the Grand Tilt that puts our previous winners at arms with each other! Who of Halone's previous chosen will prevail to find themselves as Grand Champion?

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Rex Sahashin is Halone's victor this night! Alongside this information comes an announcement.. The Grand Tilt shall be taking a break, and shall return on November 19th at a new starting time, 9 EST, an hour later! We appreciate everyone's continued attendance as we strive to come back bigger and better!

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Come out tonight and joust! All contestants welcome. We will start at 9 EST, which is an hour later than usual! This will be an exact time, not approximate, since we have been pushing it back a bit later due to semi-late attendance. 

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As I was scheduled to work last week, we will be having the Grand Tilt of Coerthas on the 'morrow at 9 EST! The schedule may be off in the coming months due to myself leaving for a good while, but I hope to host the occasional Tilt when I can until I return in August!

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